A possible water shed moment in my life.

Today may be a breakthrough for me. I am going to admit something to all of you, so please be prepared to handle my truth. . . .

(Drum roll please)

I ate some fruit today and it was not bad.

If you know me that is a big thing. I am just shocked it did not end up on YouTube.

I do not hate fruit, I love fruit. Only if that fruit has been severely beaten about by a blender. So I am cool with smoothes, but won’t eat an apple, or even a cherry on a desert. I love the flavor but I hate the texture. I know fruit is wonderful and it adds to so many things, but I could never get over the texture of it. Even if it is baked. As someone who supports pie rights, this really undercuts me when I am verbally battling with a Caker’s (one’s who only believes only in cake and not pie). When they find out I do not eat fruit, oh they cut me to the quick.

I not the only one from the Boski clan who feels the same, one of my sisters is the same way. So I was not totally alone in being an outcast.

My wife was shocked when I IM’d her about. Here are the actual transcripts.

ME: Hon, are you sitting?
Mrs. Boski: yes
Mrs Boski: but now I’m scared
Me: I am actually trying to eat fruit.
Me: And it is not blended. Have we reached the end of days?

So today, I sat at my desk and tried some watermelon, cantaloupe, some honey dew, and a strawberry. Which my wife did warn me that it might be sour. Which brought me back to a childhood memory of watching the after-school special about “The Boy Who Ate a Sour Strawberry”, I think it started Ralph Maccho, Ted Nuggent and Ruth Buzzi. So seeing that freaked the hell out me and lead me down the path of disliking fruit.

I do not know how to break this to my family. My mom is still in shock that I wear jeans. I had about period of my life where I would have rather been shot, then wear jeans. That period lasted from 3rd grade till I graduated college. So even after ten years she still brings it up from time to time. But then, I think at time my family still think I am high school. Some of my family still think I dine at AM/PM.

But today was monumental. I still have a long ways to go, but I am facing my problem and tackling it head on. Maybe, just maybe, one day I will actually learn to like lettuce. Probably not, but you never know.

So there was another look into the strange world of Boski. A little place where retarded and ridiculous meet at an intersection called retardulous.


2 Responses to A possible water shed moment in my life.

  1. Eric says:

    I remember you picking the fruit chunks out hostess pies. I remember thinking “I wish I could eat those”.

    This is but another sign that the end of days is upon us

  2. BubbaRayGracie says:

    This is just another sign that you and I should be married, IMO.

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