I am getting tired of having to pull out the broom.

Because again the Scrub administration is getting away with more shenanigans.

Novak: Rove Was A CIA Leak Source

I know, I should not real be surprised now since Rove will not face prosecution for outing a CIA operative, which silly me still thought was still a freaking crime!

Nope, it is a bigger crime that the New York Times reports on something that everyone knew about. What a bunch of traitors they are. Well that is what Bush and his mouth pieces tell me. Never mind that Nero . . .er Bush and the rest of lot told us that they were going to go after the “money” in his speeches after 9/11 and in the 2004 campaign. Then when New York Daily news leaks info about a plot on the Holland Tunnel, none of the those windbags are out saying this was treason. Hmm interesting.

It is this crap that makes me want to retreat deeper and deeper in to the sports pages. I know all of you know all this and that hearing this from a writer whose still is that of a drunken hobo with a tenuous grasp of the English language is not bringing new light to this. I just felt I had to get that off my chest.

(Thanks to Media Matters)

Before I go.

Hey kids coming soon to a Wal-Mart near you. A new comedy album from funny man Vladimir Putin. Vlad, how do you find the time in between destroying political opposition, a shrinking population problem, eliminating a free press, and a simmering rebelion in Chechnya to do your comedy? The KGB Krack up takes his shots at Grandpa Dick Cheney. Vlad does this mean, after you finish creating your free market version of the CCCP, will you go to Branson and open for Yakov Sminov?


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