It is cold outside today. I am thinking it is only about 85.

Well that is what a weekend in Phoenix will do to you. We had a wonderful time seeing friends in the 48th state. They were wonderful host, who let us stay at their wonderful home, meet their wonderful new baby and play with their wonderful dogs. And maybe this Christmas I will get a wonderful thesaurus and use other wonderful words than wonderful.

What else did I get out of the weekend.

The English didn’t fail to disappoint, and lost in a heartbreaker, again.

I love the desert. I do not want to leave the coastal table, but man I could see myself living in the desert. The wife did remind me, “sure we could afford a nice sized place out here, but just remember what it would cost to run the AC.”

Mexican food is awesome.

Michael Barrett slugs A.J. back in May, A.J. returns the favor and slugs the Cubs in July.

The dry heat, it was triple digits all weekend and the humidity was around 15%. Any drier and it Steven Wright would have instantly appeared.

I have better stuff than Cliff Politte.

It looks like Kim Jong Il has gone off the reservation, again. Nothing like seeing a wacko and a halfwit with nukes trying to hash things out.

Must start planning to go out to Arizona for Spring Training.

H.R. Puffinstuff is dead. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Okay the voice of Puffencrack is dead. Another piece of my childhood gone. Another passing that needs to be brought up is this man, Thomas Arthur. He gave us the Dodger Dog. Mmmmmmmmm grilled Dodger Dog.

Rob Blake is that you?

The French not surrendering in Germany, now I have seen everything. If the French do win it all. The Germans will take back Alsace-Lorraine.

I know it may sound ghoulish, but I want a autopsy on Ken Lay. I am sorry, but this seems way to convenient. I want to make sure that it is Ken Lay. Oh I know that Ken did do some great things in Houston and for others before Enron, but because of the damage he and his cronies did it damaged multitudes more than he ever helped. And now he will not spend one day behind bars, so please forgive me for asking for the SMERSH treatment over his corpse.

Which leads me to the fact I read a book this weekend. Well I read the last 60% of this weekend. It was on the Fall of Berlin, so that is why I dropped a reference of one of Stalin’s favorite departments. Which is something I have not done in a while, and it was good to actually finish something.

It is not right that the Italians are in the Finals. I know they are good, but they are not that good. Look they drew against the U.S. and they got bailed out against the Socceroos. Which was FIFA’s way of saying they were sorry about ’02. Which sucks a lot of ass.

I apparently drive really fast. Yesterday left Phoenix around 10 and got home about 4:45 PM. With two gas stops and stop to shop in Cabazon.

I go me some shoes, so what about it?

People love to blow shit up in my neighborhood. Our hamlet allows for fireworks. But to many in my hosing track that means, “Enough of the safe and sane shit. It is time to get dumb and dangerous.” So it people were trying their best to make it sound like Tikrit on a Sunday evening. Thankfully the Boski ranch did not take any fire. We did walk around to see the pyro’s in action which was fun.

So that is all I have for now. Thank you for allowing me to toss this blog pasta on virtual wall. Even though it still looks under done and underwhelming


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