The Weekend and the Damage Done.

July 31, 2006

Sorry I had just heard a Neil Young song. The weekend was great, well except for the ants and Bobby Jenks channeling Billy Koch on Sunday.

Friday night had a wonderful evening. The wife and I saw Clerks and really enjoyed it. But then I enjoyed Mallrats so my taste is up for debate. After the film we stepped out into the mugginess of the night and worked to avoid all the teens with too much disposable income getting in my way. We then enjoyed a pleasant dinner a Wahoo’s well almost pleasant. The young child sitting next to us felt like hitting some ear piercing octaves. I enjoyed a nice meal while trying to see if I could see This man and his wife enjoying their night at Fenway. Then I find out that Sox actually got off the mat and won a game they had no business winning thanks to Ross GLLLOOOOAAADDD!

Saturday enjoyed a nice restful day around the compound and then we took in The Rollins Band and X and they kicked ass. The only problem I had is with my stupid goddamn city. Oh no one can play after 10:30 at the amphitheater, but the fair can go on till midnight with all of it’s noise. I know who is and is not getting my vote. There are at least four mfer’s not getting my vote. You know who you are you reactionary, xenophobic, homophobic, Habitat for Humanity hating crapballs. But there was at least one city council member there and it is good to see an elected official rocking to Henry Rollins. But they slipped out before the wife and I could bitch about X having to end early. I did not get Fourth of July and Burning House of Love.

Henry did not disappoint, I wish I could be 1/100 as cool as Henry and 1/100 a ripped as the dude. This man could go out do a set and then go back stage and throw up 315 about 15 times. Let’s say California would have been more than covered for power if it was hooked up to Henry than the power grid.

X did a great set. You forget how many of their song you remember. They sounded good, as for their looks. I am going to say that Exene Cervenka looked like she has done some hard living. She looked more like Eileen Brennen.

Sunday spent the day checking out a farmers market that could have been held in a phone booth, fighting ants, cursing the Sox blowing a game in the 9th, and reading. The ants have decided to try to storm the house. I ant that the ants can’t take a page from the grasshopper and just be lazy and stop trying to find new ways into the house. The hot weather and the work that was done in the yard have riled them up. As for the yards, they look a lot better now and it is worth having the ants riled up for it. We got someone to come out and help sheer our shame into a more manageable situation.

One last note on the Fair. It ended Sunday with a touching ceremony. The carneys extinguished the Carney flame. Think of the Olympics, but it just a grease fire behind the funnel cake shack. They extinguished it by using a hobo to beat the flames out. It brought a tear to everyone’s eye. I think it may been due to the fumes coming off the hobo. But the Fair has ended and now things can go back to being quiet in the CM. Well at least till Arbor Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am sorry I do not know where that came from.

So I can say it was a nice weekend


Is it wrong?

July 28, 2006

When my wife says, “Hey did you hear about the 103 inch plasma screen TV?”

My answer is, “well, it looks like I have been praying to the right god after all.”

Should I sit on the curb right now and wait for that bus going to hell or wait just a little bit?

Weekend plans.

July 28, 2006

After world domination let’s see what we have:

Making sacrifices to the appropriate deities to help the Sox get out of there hole – Apparently they have been working on a time machine which has been used to make the oppositions great team of the past appear and shame the White Sox. This just in the 1970 Baltimore O’s. Coming soon, the 27 Yanks. Oh joy!

A movie – I do not know which one at the moment but in about an hour I will know. But no matter what 2 hours in AC can’t be that bad.

X and the Rollins Band – That should be good times at the O.C. Fair. Which mercifully will end very soon.

Napping – Going to see what is new with napping technology and techniques Sunday.

and finally

reenact the battle of the 2nd Bull Run on my neighbor’s lawn using a go-kart and about 76 chimps. Should be a good time.

July 28, 2006

To me, finding this is tantamount to find the fabeled El Dorado.

I have been looking for this forever. Every time I watch the VH1 Classic I have been praying to see this again.

I think I may have startled my fellow office workers when I yelled “yes!”. But hey it has been about 20 years since I have last since this.

The video is cheesy, but it is the nice 80’s kind of cheese. Man I love this song. You cannot help but be a better mood after listening to this. If you don’t then you have are incapable of human emotions. Even robots would look at you as cold and unfeeling.

Man this takes me back to listening to this on a tape while playing Hardball on the old Apple IIe.

I may have a problem. HR is asking me to come up and see them. I think it may be something about pogoing too much in my cube. Well I must adjust my skinny tie and see what the “man” wants.

Already I have watch/listened to it about 10 times already since I found it. Damn, I am a spaz.

Thank you YouTube, Burning Sensation (I thank you for blowing out all your awesome on this song. Thus sacrificing any hopes of a long career. But this bit of awesome is appreciated greatly.) Also thanks to the guy who put this on you tube.

So Boski, how did it go?

July 27, 2006

Well that was a waste.

“Mr. Boski we have looked at your resume and we think that it would be better if you only send you out for temp to hire positions and not full time. Employers will shy away from your resume since you have not been settled anywhere.”

You call me. Have me come down, and lose out on two and half hours of pay, just so I can hear this.


If I wanted to waste two to three hours and feel empty and frustrated and a little sweaty, I would have watched the White Sox. Great job guys, great freaking job.

July 26, 2006

Chad Vader – Day Shift Manager (episode 1)

Kudos again YouTube, kudos to you.

Mining for steady employment.

July 26, 2006

Your working class-less hero has another interview today. Okay who am I kidding, I have to go to an agency and apply with them, just to have a shot at a job. Since the position is full time and near my home I will take a shot at it. But I have to sneak out of the office, change into my suit, which is stashed in my car which will be nice and warm by this afternoon. Which I really need. I don’t sweat enough at interview. Drive about 30 minutes and then spend the next two hours happily filling out an application and taking computer skills test for the millionth time. They never give you the test for Solitare, man I would kick ass. All of it for just 10 minutes with the recruiter and a thanks for coming out.

Why do I do it?

Maybe just maybe I will find something that I enjoy, or hell tolerate. I know you all may think I am a slacker. I might, also I think I have the attention span of lettuce. But I do work hard, it is just tough to stay motivated. I want to find a job that I could enjoy. But part of me is at the point where I may never be happy in an office and that I happy to enjoy my free time. I might be someone who will be happy to work to make money to do the things I want to do. Things like my Habitat trips and so on and so on. The more and more I think about it, maybe I should try to make a living betting football. Hmmmmmm, interesting, wait I have looked at some of my picks I have made. It may not be the best idea.

I know I should not complain, me and the wife are doing alright. We have a house to live in, employment and our health (even though we do not have any health coverage, oh there’s that other pesky reason to find a full time job), but I just needed to whine like Bill O’Reilly for a moment.

So today, I have to get “home” for “plumbing situation” this afternoon. I hate having to lie to my current handlers, who I will say are very nice and I would not mind if they asked me to hire on. I would like that in fact. If they were going to keep paying me what they are.

The lying made me think that I love how employers who you interview with for look at you funny if you can’t move heaven and earth to make an appointment in the middle of the day, drive 30 minutes, in the middle of the week. Hey I understand it’s not easy, people do not like to stick around at their office till 8 to ask someone where they see themselves in 5 years. I also always found it funny that employers love your resourcefulness to get to an interview, but the whole time you are giving the finger to an employer that you most likely will need a reference from. On top of that they look at you strange if you have the time to interview at moments notice because you do not have a job. Well that is my experience, maybe the look at me like that because of the sweating and because of my grill.