Your World Cup Minute.

Brazil vs Ghana this one was a battle. Ghana was in this all the way up to the fifth minute. At which point Ronaldo decided to remind everyone that before Ronaldinho, there was him. I should actually be fair, as strange as this sounds this was a close 3-0 game. Ghana did everything it could except put one in the net. Until Brazil eventually chewed them up and spit them out.

In the other match France/Spain. Otherwise know as, “We Got Our Asses Kicked at Sea by England Bowl” or “Formal Papist Superpowers Bowl”. Spain was sunk like it’s Galleons in the Caribbean. Thanks to the work of the dread pirate Zidane. The man will be 80 and still knocking in goals. Today, it was his free kick that found Vieria for the go ahead goal. Then he ended the scoring with a run, in which he beat the goalie like a “rented mule”.

So the Saturday will be a rematch of the 98 Finals. Even though it goes against my initial pick. Brazil beats the Blues in a wide open 4-2 battle.


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