Weekend Wrap Up.

Very warm.

Okay there was more to it than that, but not too much more.

Saturday spent the day watching the German’s violate Swedish neutrality and part of the Mexico/Argentina. I was impressed with the Mexico they stood toe to toe.

Hair cut – now I look more respectable like.

BBQ’ing Corn- When you get some good organic sweet corn and put on some fire on it. Good things happen.


Still very warm

Watch the English labor into the next round. Other than Beckham’s free kick, most of the game was like this:

And if Cole does not make the deflection early, the British fans would have been hurling as well. Well most probably did, but that was from the lager.

Hey Sven I know you are a short timer, but maybe just maybe you give Rooney some help upfront. It could help you stick around. Also where was Scarecrow Peter Crouch?

Yard work – Did some, not because I wanted to. It’s a part of community service sentence for referencing Gene Rayburn too many times with in city limits, long story.

Then watched the “We Used to Have Bitchin Sea Empires Way Back in the Day Bowl”. I was hoping for a great match, but we got a sorry slap fight. Hey Mr. Referee why did you go all Hallmark on everyone. Seriously, thanks for turning the game into a Benny Hill Sketch. But the Portuguese are through to meet England. I think Portugal will using a couple members of the training staff to fill in.

I look at the England/Portugal match and say, “the English should win, but since it is the English
they could find a horrible way to lose it.

Reading is Fundamental – To beat the wool blanket of heat, we were off the the library or liberry, I am not sure. After paying the GNP of Norway in late fees I picked up some books to read. Most of them don’t even have pictures. Shows that I got some of that thar lernin in me head.

Free baseball – Watched the Sox trying to continue their torrid pace. As they came up short on their 10th in a row. I am pissed they could not win it in 13. If we were going to lose could we have done earlier. I had to miss Deadwood damn it!

I will say that I have to applaud the Southsiders. Down 9-2 going into the 8th, when Tadahero (yes I did say it, but I can not take the credit) went ape. First was a three run HR, and then a slam to go extra frames. 7 RBI’s in the last two frames. Not bad. The only other thing that sucked was the Pity Kitty’s won, again. Now they get the Stros for three, so they will probably sweep that as well. I think we are going to have us an old fashioned Nebraska Turtle Punching Fight on our hands. Last one to yell “gravy boat” is the loser.

Next up it’s time to play the ugly team in a pretty park, the Bucs. Who are on a 10 game skid. Which means they will sweep up. That’s right I still can work that negativity both sides of the plate.

Well back to the mines for more data entry fun.


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