Again it appears that we are the "ugly Americans"…

when it come to the to the beautiful game.

I knew that we probably would have not made it two the knockout round, but other than the Italy game we look freaking lost out. I now understand what the critics of Arena were going on about. Right now you have taken this team back to the Sampson days of ’98.

What do we do now?

I hope US soccer works on getting its head out of its ass. I know this country will never grasp the fever as other nations do, but we can do better than this and put a team on the pitch that can compete with the best. This country still needs to develop a striker who actually scares people. Hell we have the athletes to do it. If Lawrence Phillips could stay out of trouble I would put a jersey on him. What fullback is going to get in his way?

Larry I am glad your getting out of New York that place was going to kill you, but you could have waited a little longer to spill. But Larry, I think you could challenge this and win. Your defense is simple.

“Your honor, Isaish’s my GM and I had to coach Starburry.”


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