I have a question for the audience.

Sorry I got to this late, but last week the wife and I heard the putrid puss that spews from that cross-dressing douche. And my wife says,

“Wow, she is such a cunt.”

At that point I was shocked and horrified to hear that.

“Honey, I can not believe you said that. How could you? I do not think cunt wants to be associated with her.”

I am I wrong on this one?

My apologize to anyone who is not happy with the salty language. That is the one curse word that still makes me feel that to use it you need a decoded transmission from the president, and the missile launch keys.

Now back to the Ann Coulter bashing

Shitbag, can I call you shitbag? I am still trying to fathom what you said. That the victims are enjoying that they had someone killed during 9/11. Hey Ann do feel the same about these people. Oh of course not they supported Bush. (Thanks to Should’ve Asked Me). Ponderus man, fucking ponderus!

Well Ann, you are a truly horrible organism or some kinf of life form, it sure in hell is not human.

Have you no shame? Well I think I know the answer.

Even your dad is ashamed of you Ann.

But on the bright side you might have a lot of fun at Poker Night. There will be a seat at the table right next to Pol Pot and Stalin. Be careful, I hear Ceaucescu and Hitler cheat.

Did I mention that this is in Hell, right?


2 Responses to I have a question for the audience.

  1. Kevin says:

    Ann Coulter… that guy is bad news.

  2. Boski93 says:

    There is not a Depends undergarment large enough that could contain her.

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