Happy 4th Everyone

June 30, 2006

I hope everyone out there enjoys their long weekend.


Let’s Go, Go White Sox!

June 30, 2006

Sox win, Sox win.

Take that Cubs.

A great way to start off the weekend. Tomorrow early, we are packing up the car and driving out to Phoenix to visit some friends who we have not seen in forever. So that should be good time for all.

At least it is a dry heat.

June 29, 2006
The mugginess is gone, for now. We are back to the typical kind of hot for the region. I can live with that. I can always tell that it will be a scorcher by looking at the sky. I remember a wise Southern Californian saying that I have heard,
“When the sky above is clean and the clouds crowd behind the mountains then you will sweat like the president doing long division”.
Speaking of hot, the White Sox keep rolling along. It looks like we have found stability in the pen, for now. And if Garland gets his head out, then we have the chance to be in even better shape. You think that winning 12 out the last 13 would be good way to gain ground or build a lead. Sadly, no. There has been someone who has been hotter. That someone has been clawing the furniture around here and needs to be stopped. Curse you Detroit.

It got worse.

June 29, 2006
Yesterday you heard me rant about my day, well after I signed off. Found out my I-pod is corrupted. Not the good kind where it steals and cheats, but I can’t listen to its I-Pod-y goodness. So I have to wipe the slate clean and put everything back on again.
Who did I piss off? Okay, other than the Sentence Structure & Syntax Police, the cast of Walker – Texas Ranger, and maybe the governments of 67 nations I am at a loss.

Sneak preview the all-new Yahoo.com. It’s not radically different. Just radically better.


June 28, 2006

Shit Jesus people!

What is with all of you. I am trying to get work done today. I know, I know, go call the fucking papers. Why is everyone trying to get in my way. Just give me clear instructions on a project, a space to work, and I will get it done.

How in the hell do you expect to have me do any work done if you keep having me fucking moving me from desk to desk, and office to office. I really love coming back to my desk to find a meeting going on around it and that I can’t really get into my desk, so I can get the stuff I need. I know I am the f’ing plankton on this food chain, but you pay me to work and not because I do a great Martin Van Buren impersonation, or that I am Yatzee dynamo.

Then I should have not wore my “Please Treat Me Like fucking AmericaWest Airlines Luggage” shirt today. Thankfully I left the “Hit me I am a pinata” shirt at home.

Giant Squid Rampaging In The Parking Lot!!!!

June 27, 2006

I wished.

Oh one day squidy, we will continue our battle. Don’t think that I have forgotten about what happened in Oslo four years ago. Never, ever send an ABBA tribute band to do your dirty work.

Your World Cup Minute.

June 27, 2006

Brazil vs Ghana this one was a battle. Ghana was in this all the way up to the fifth minute. At which point Ronaldo decided to remind everyone that before Ronaldinho, there was him. I should actually be fair, as strange as this sounds this was a close 3-0 game. Ghana did everything it could except put one in the net. Until Brazil eventually chewed them up and spit them out.

In the other match France/Spain. Otherwise know as, “We Got Our Asses Kicked at Sea by England Bowl” or “Formal Papist Superpowers Bowl”. Spain was sunk like it’s Galleons in the Caribbean. Thanks to the work of the dread pirate Zidane. The man will be 80 and still knocking in goals. Today, it was his free kick that found Vieria for the go ahead goal. Then he ended the scoring with a run, in which he beat the goalie like a “rented mule”.

So the Saturday will be a rematch of the 98 Finals. Even though it goes against my initial pick. Brazil beats the Blues in a wide open 4-2 battle.