Lets see what we have today.

Taking a look at what Yahoo is offering up.

Well I see Iran sent us a nice little note. I hope someone helped George with the big words.

Wait Rummy likes the nominee for the CIA post, that must mean this guy is a winner. I have the sinking feeling that this guy having the position would be like having Anna Nicole Smith running the Department of Education.

I hope this does not slow down Bill from building that third store. I have enjoyed Big Love, even though I watch and go say “holy crap, Chet has three wives.” So now we know the answer to the question Martini Ranch asked in 1988, about “How Can the Labouring Man Find Time for Self-Culture”. What is scary, is I can still remember this song being played on KROQ.

I keep seeing the ads for Deadwood. Mmmmmm Deadwood.

David Blane, seriously, couldn’t we have let him drown? Come on now, he just a party clown with a better agent. He left the hospital this morning, probably had the last bit of shame removed. If there is any justice, then he will be mauled by Penn and Teller.

Oh, big night on TV. Final questions of 7th Heaven are answered. I just want one answered. How did you stay on the air so long?

Okay, I have a second, why didn’t Stephen Collins character just go,

“I have enough. I going to go back to the South Pacific because there are too many “Tales of the Gold Monkey” that have not been told. So sniff you jerks later!”

Gimme that and I would have been in.

Can we just give the Pistons their title now. I just do not see anyone beating them. I hate saying it, but we know it is true.

The Heat – no chance. Shaq is getting close to being the Big Retired.
Nets – You will never win with Bitch Carter (Sorry I have a deep hate of Vince that I have harbored for years from my roto league)
Cavs – You’re great LeBron, but I witnessed the Wizards choking. Not you winning. You are couple years away LeBron. You need some more players around you, and Sheed and the Pistons to go ferral.

Out West

Mavs – They have come a long way with Avery Johnson as coach. They know that they are allowed to play D, but they are still soft.
Suns – I love that they are trying to play the NBA of our youths, but they do not have enough of the tall trees to hang.
Spurs – They will give the Pistons fits in the finals because of Duncan, but since he is not 100% the title will be in Motown.
Clips – Its the Clippers. If you all thought that White Sox winning meant the end of the world. If the Clips won, it would be like “crossing the streams”.

Barry Bonds is one away from tying Ruth. And I can happily say, “I don’t care.”

Watching him, I see that he is not getting to 755 on those knees, so enjoy this you douche.

Also I realized that Barry may have already paid for his steroids use. How so Boski? Well I thought back to the 2002 series. A way too yoked up Barry could not bend over to properly field a ball that led to runners being at 2nd and 3rd and no out, instead of 1st and 2nd. And it is at this point Dusty went to the pen and brought in Nen. The rest is history. So Barry you can have all the indivdual records, but realize that your “enhancement of your skills” cost yourself and your teammates (you know the people you alienate all the time) a title. So please go suck it Barry.

Will someone please stop the Ducks and Sharks. As a Kings fan, nothing is more sickening than seeing their success. Well maybe hearing a Red Wings fan crow, which is almost as bad, but not quite. Good to see the Sabers, who I am pulling for for Eric and Slappar, take a 2-0 lead.

Well got to go, it is time for “Breakdancing with Jerry Springer”


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