The slide show continues.

Welcome back to the Bataan Death Marches of trip recaps. I promised myself I was going to finish. So once again into the breach.

Our group hopped into the Ford Odyssey and went a cross the boarder to partake a three day weekend in Dublin.

After some traffic issues we made it to Dublin. Just in time for a nice hail storm.

I know, not very interesting. When you come from the land of no snow, it is.

We stayed at the stately Oliver St. John Gogartys, in Temple Bar.

A nice little place to visit, but not sleep. Then we should have known that trying to get some sleep in a hostel in Temple Bar would go as well as our president trying to spell chrysanthemum. But it worked out, well except for the drunk snoring Italian gentleman who roomed with us. The man sounded like he was clear cutting old growth forest, in his drunken slumber. Let’s just say I almost got up and yelled at the revilers across the way for being too quite. I needed them to drown out the snoring.

The Temple Bar Area was nice, very tourist, but then we came as tourist. It was also all we could secure. If we go back to Dublin, we will try to upgrade.

After unpacking and lunch we hiked over to Trinity College.

We went over to take a gander at the Book of Kells, and view this.

Throw in a Becket exhibit and I will say I was very well pleased with the tour.

Our group then scattered to the four winds. The Better Half and I then took in the sites. Took a little bus tour, walked around Temple Bar, crossed the Liffey checked out the GPO, the “Stiletto in the Ghetto” and Graffton Street. Sadly no Guinness Tour this time.

Also had a bitch of time trying to find the correct change crossing the Ha’penny bridge. Man I could for the life of me figure out how many Euros it was.

Note, one of the best parts of this trip came right after this picture, when I saw some guy sporting the Chicago White Sox World Championship Hat. I tried to flag the guy down but I failed. Sigh!

Here some more of the visual hijinks.

Mmmmmm, Guiness. Enjoying a pint on our music pub crawl.

This was outside of the hostel, apparently this is what our snoring Italian drank the night before.

Before we left town the Better Half and I took in an exhibit on Medieval Dublin, where we were rocketed back in time and where I continue to be a freaking clown

Hello nice doggie.

Just crushing in my ye’ olde Kangoo.

Look it is either the Medieval version of Boba Fett or a Special Need villain from the old Batman TV Series.

As you can see, I had a tiff with one of the locals, which lead to

Yep, I was sold to a nice Viking family, I am now living in Greenland, which is not green.

All in all it was a good weekend and we made it back in one piece.

Good news is that I got this done, bad news is I still have still have London to do. I know you all sick of this. I promise this reign of terror will end soon. I may take a break from recapping.


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