Hey can someone help me out?

May 30, 2006

I am not a fan, or a watcher of American Idol, but can someone tell me how in the hell did Benny Hinn win it all?

Come on take a look. Can you really tell me that they are not the same person?

This is why I don’t watch this show.


Welcome back everyone.

May 30, 2006

I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekends. I will say Team Boski had a great weekend. Lets see what was achieved:

Sleeping – Some serious sleeping in was done. An assist goes to the Chill station on Sirius Radio.

Grilling – Fired up the old grill wagon and showed a couple cuts of meat and some corn who is in control.

Yard work – Amazingly I was able to go out and make the lawn look like a partial disaster instead of a total one. The backyard is another story.

Errands – Were ran with amazing precision and a dash of flair. Okay they weren’t, but it sounded good.

Drive down the coast – Sunday was too nice not to head down to the shore. Drove from Newport down to San Clemente and it was magnificent. Busy, but not too busy. Need to get that down before everyone and their mothers decided that they need to get to the beach.

Hammock time – We got a one person hammock this weekend. We wanted to see if it was any good and Monday, I took it for a test run on my front porch. It was so nice relaxing in the shade with a nice breeze and some music.

A great weekend, but know I have to get back to hunting down the employment caribou. It is a craft S.O.B.

What is Napoleon Dynamite a professor here?

May 23, 2006

This campus has an infestation of ninja’s. Just like rats, when you see one that mean there are hundreds crawling around just out of sight.

“God! Like welcome to Ninja studies 101. I am your professor or something and like we are going to work on your nunchuk skills and stuff!

It is nice to see Ninja’s looking for education, it is more respectable than those clowns and their so-called colleges.

(Thanks to Fark for the article)

I think you have had enough.

May 23, 2006

Whoa! I think Ted Kennedy and Boris Yelstin want to party with this guy.

Damn, I got buzzed just reading that.

What is this guy related to Dr. Johnny Fever?

A correction.

May 22, 2006

I am moron. For some crack-induced reason I thought the Clips had closed out the Suns. They have not, so they still have time to choke.

Thank you, please return to your work.

Unlike most of those who have voted for Mayor Daly Sr.

May 22, 2006

I am still alive, but I did vote multiple times for the All-Star Game.

Got home last night from our weekend trip to the home of the World Series Champs.

It was an amazing weekend. A weekend that came within a botched double play from being off the freaking charts. It was almost like Ice Cube “Damn it was a Good Day”

(The photos are coming later this week.)

I really love what they have done with the Cell. It is a nice place to watch a game, but then I am Sox fan.

This weekend, was in a weird way kind of like me getting my world series ring from the club.

Here are a couple of the high points:

I really love what the Sox have done with the Cell. It is a nice place to watch a game, but then I may be very biased in my opinion.

Snapping a photo with the World Series Trophy (All I need now is the Stanley Cup and I will have the four majors)

Watching the Cubs lose Friday

dropping some coin to acquire more Sox Gear

Our wonderful host holding a bitchen tailgate on Sunday. These guys did not mess around. The scary thing is that they sad this was nothing. Come back during football. I will say that carne asada, beer and shots of Patron is the breakfast of championship 11AM. I almost had enough tequila to forget how cold it was.

Loved the throwbacks the Sox wore on Sunday. Wish the Cubs would have done the same, but then they are bastards.

Watching Tad go yard after the 15 minutes of “Hell at the Cell”. The funniest thing about the brawl was a picture we took of Brian Anderson before the game. When you see it, it will make sense. Well it was nice to see Brian hitting something.

Hearing Nancy Faust on the Organ and being able to sing “Hey, Hey Goodbye” in person.

Seeing the Cubs get beat on Saturday.

The bootleg shirts. Some of the shirts would make a trucker blush. But the next time I go I am so going to get myself the “SoxSide Irish” shirt. I also should have gotten the very cliched “Ozzie is My Homeboy” Shirt

The only low points of series was seeing the Cubs win Sunday, that rubbed me as wrong a the Cubunie , I mean the Tribune the nice people who own the Cubs, running Barrrett’s sucker punch on the front page.

All in all it was so amazing to be watching a game where the majority of the fans are on your side and looking up and seeing that last October was not a paint fumed induced dream.

Even without the sweep the city’s Sox fans are coming out of the shadows to remind everyone that there are two teams in this town. The village is growing, from village to city state and now we are nearing the size of Luxembourg. Next up Estonia-sized White Sox Nation!

Thank you for indulging me and my ramblings about this team.

P.S. for those who think I have become a White Sox optimist. Fear not I am scared that this team has holes in the bullpen. Also this team needs to play a little more little ball. And I have some questions about what’s next:

Do we deal McCarthy to get some help for the 7th and 8th, if things don’t straighten out?

Will Hermanson come back?

How long to we wait on Anderson to hit?

and so on and so on.

Now I have seen everything.

May 19, 2006

Hell got another three feet of snow today. The Clippers are in the Conference Finals.

Things are truly going bad for this nation when Donald T. Sterling is running his team better than our president runs this country.

We have a Yankee payroll, but Royal execution.