Postcards from Downpatrick

Well I am back. The last two days have been wonderful, cold but wonderful. We have been seeing the sights for the last two days. Which was nice, but one of those days we were supposed to be on the sight but we got bumped. It’s a long story, but it is probably because they want these house to get finished so if they can keep me away. We took in the lovely seaside town of Newcastle and then off to the Mountains or Mourne. Where we stopped and enjoyed a nice stroll around the picturesque Silent Valley. The only problem was our van was attacked by ferel mimes.

Today it was up to Belfast to tour the HFH office and run through the city. Did some site seeing. I got some great shots of me at the Belfast City Hall. They let me put on a ceremonial robe and release the badgers it was great.

So far I have not harmed myself or others on the road. Right now I am very thankful to Ford and their beautiful Ford Galaxy. Hey, it is automatic and it has heat, so for once I am happy to be driving a mini Van.

So far this is the longest I have been this cold. I would die if I lived anywhere with snow. But still it is so great to be back here.

Tomorrow we get back to it and I will try to not impale or shame myself. Then Saturday we are off the Dublin. I hope to have some photos to prove I am not sitting in my car hiding in Fontana.



2 Responses to Postcards from Downpatrick

  1. Kevin says:

    Say hi to my cousins.

  2. Boski93 says:

    Consider it done.

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