I came for the Brackets,

but I am staying for excitement.

I will say this is my single worst performance in an NCAA pool. Only one of my picks made it to the finals (UCLA). Wow did I do a really crappy job, but damn it has been a fun tourny to watch.

How about UCLA? Sure Saturday’s game was ugly, and I mean Eastern conference Finals ugly.

LSU, what did Larry Brown come back from trying to find Big Foot and get this team back to the Final Four?

Florida, Impressive. I will hand it to Yannick Noah, his kid can play. But I do hope during this week someone will ask the question. Was Yannick Noah a member of The Thompson Twins? Look at the pictures and decided.

George Mason in the Final Four, that has to be the greatest individual display of talent ever in NCAA hoops history. One guy, one single guy got into the finals! What is Mr. Mason the Bobby Boucher of hoops?

Sadly, I will miss the finals this year, which means it will be entertaining. My guess is that it will be LSU vs. Florida, and Florida will be your winner. So grab your savings and put it down on George Mason.


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