Oh, cool I just found about a great job opening.

I just heard that they are looking for someone for a really cool position. Well the drive may be a problem. Let’s see what does mapquest say from:

1313 Castle Boskistein Lane
Costa Mesa, CA 92626


280 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017

. . . here we go it would only be a 2,800 mile commute. Hmmm, I will have to think about that.

Tags is stepping down after 16 years of service. People thought no one could ever top Rozelle, but I think what Paul has done for the league puts him right there. He has brought us labor peace, even though I was not happy about the Rams leaving. Georgia the Goat and John Shaw, you both suck a lot of ass. I am not a Rams fan, but that shit was not cool. But thinking about it, I do get to see more games than if there was a team in the market.

I can not think of anyone better qualified than myself. In fact, if I get this job I can have them remove the restraining order they have on me.


3 Responses to Oh, cool I just found about a great job opening.

  1. BMMan says:

    What will be your first official act, Commissioner Boski?

    During my senior year of college (1996), back when MLB was looking for a permanent commissioner, my friend sent a cover letter and resume to MLB, offering his services as commissioner. If I remember correctly, he got a form letter back thanking him for his interest in the position but that they could not offer him a job at that time.

  2. Boski93 says:

    First orders of business would be:

    Allow celebrtions. I would hire Icky Woods to fine those who have awful celebrations.

    Improve instant replay

    Make the officals full time and get younger and more athleticly fit ones as well. They will all have the Ed Hocholi “Guns of Navarone”.

    Lastly, barrow and idea from the NBA, the Larry Bird rule. Allow teams to keep a player who is a fan favorite, without cap penalty.

    Not that I have been thinking about it, much.

    The only thing about the name change that sucks is that I am going to miss it by a month.

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