The March Madness of King Boski

March is here and basketballs fill the air. Today is a special edition of the blog muffin. Where I give you my random thoughts on the events I witnessed today. So if I go all Larry King on you. You all have my permission to shoot me.

Got up and already my teams are losing.

Nothing helps a drive on the freeway like yelling at your radio because the teams you picked are flinging up ill advised 3’s.

Boston College you are trying to kill me, right?

Did I see this right? Hey we have to have dreams.

Bomb scare in San Diego. What did they see my bracket?

The Minneapolis region is going to be my problem child.

Speaking of bombs, CBS may have found something to top the shark movie they did a while back. David Arquette is trying to stop a bomb from going off at a “big football game”. Shouldn’t David be more worried about the bombing of his own career. Wow are things so bad that they have to rip off a bad Van Damme film.

Alright the morning games are done and I 1 for 4. Vegas should send a car for me.

This tournament does not have any multi-directional terror squads this year. (thanks Eric)

The Better Half and I went out to catch the games at a sports bar near us. She got me in for an event through her work. She is awesome. I know you had to twist my arm to watch sports. Thanks to the nice people who hosted.

My question for the Tennessee player who hit the winning shot. How did play the whole game with that shot up your ass, since you pulled the game winner out of your ass.

I wish that there was a D1 school named Mortimer, so that maybe, just maybe there would be bracket that would have Winthrop, Mortimer and Duke.

Other than the CSI, College and Pro Football, this is the only time I watch CBS. I know I do not watch much network TV, but are you kidding me with some of these shows. Did Jenna Elfman need another sitcom and who is watching it? Two and Half Men, this is not how I want to remember Ducky and Ricky Vaughn. NCIS, Mark Harmon you should have just left it Summer School. They did cancel Love Monkey right?

Round two a little better. The Bruins looked good, so did Florida. 3 out of 4, not bad. Would have been better if Nevada had not be stuck down by the dreaded 5-12 game disease.

Hey UTEP, “Glory Road” a nice film. Hell the real story is more inspiring, but your are still in the NIT. So do not try to charm me with the throwback Texas-Western jerseys as you play Michigan. Look, please be quiet the adults are try to watch the real tournament.

Sign me up for a cot at Gitmo. I am pulling for Mexico in the WBC. I hate Roger Clemens that much.

A friend of mine who I had not seen in forever stopped in and we caught the late afternoon and evening games. It was good to catch up.

If the Zags had not won, I was so going to smack that bad stache off Adam Morrison’s mug.

Went 3 for 4 in the early evening games. If UNC Wilmington had not blown chunks at the end it would have been 4 for 4. That is that last time I pick the a university that was used to shot “Dawson’s Creek”. Thanks Pacey, you douche.

Barry Bonds, what are we going to do with you?

The L.A. Kings continue their slide with a piss poor outing against the Stars.

Mexico beats the US. We get three hits. That is karma folks. Mexico is getting us back for the World Cup.

Last CBS quip. If the female dectective is so good at solving crimes that have been cold. Why then can’t she find herself a sandwich and some sun light?

Duke wins, again. I wonder if this is the year Billy Packard and Dick Vitale fight to see who loves Duke more?

The Orangemen lose. I have not been this upset with them since the Battle of the Boyne.

The night games go 2 -2 for old Uncle Boski. So that makes for a mediocre 9 – 7 day. Magic I tell you.


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