St. Patrick’s Day

Today’s is a quiet one, like most St. Pat’s days for me. Don’t get me wrong I like to have a pint, listen to some good tunes and celebrate being where I came from. But I just take a more tranquil route for celebrating. I am one who is not into the celebrations that get sloppy in a hurry by a people who could careless about being Irish or not. But please do not get me worng, I glad people have a good time today, no matter who you are. I really do not have any problems with today. Okay I have two St. Patrick’s Day celebration problems. One, those who feel that the only reason for St. Patrick’s day is to get trashed before 10:00 AM on a weekday. That folks in not a good idea, especially in the land of bad public transit. Hey people still have to drive jackass. My second issue and I apologize for going all Seamus X on everyone, but why do grocery stores put their St. Patrick’s Day decorations next to the booze. What is up with that? Sure there is drinking involved, but come on. We did not land of the Blarney Stone, the Blarney Stone landed on us. Oh, I did get Seamus X there sorry.

Today I donned my nearly eye burning green Ireland Rugby jersey and headed up to Culver City. I go up and visit my dad. I was worried about rain, but thankfully got none. I also made good time. From Costa Mesa to Culver City in an hour, not too shabby.

I grabbed my dad a cup of coffee and drove in to Holy Cross. Pulled out the laptop and the i-pod. Sat down and played some Irish music for my dad and also watched parts of the World Series DVD. I do really miss watching baseball with him, that was always a joy.

I like sitting out there, it is a place I can feel calm and at peace. My dad’s in a nice spot. On a clear day, you can see the water.

Enjoyed an hour sitting with him and visiting other family there. I sat and thought about a lot of things in my life and my future. Sadly, the time had come and I need to get back. This trip still needs to be planned. So I left the coffee, his packets of Sweet and Low and two bucks for him. (its a long story). Told him that I miss him and loved him and that I will be back on Father’s Day.

So I say to all of you, please have a safe St. Patrick’s Day. I know have to go back to work and also keep an eye watching my teams lose.


5 Responses to St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Eric says:

    All kidding aside, that was a touching story that brought a tear to my eye. To Himself 2!

  2. Kevin says:

    Man, you come here for the humor and instead you get a really great and moving post that completely shreds everyone else’s Paddy’s Day drinking stories. Great stuff, Boski.

  3. starandmoon says:

    Boski – , that was a wonderful story… Hopefully we can all embrace our “irish” by embracing the people we love

  4. BMMan says:

    I’m going to go all lawyer here…I incorporate by reference everything said in the previous three posts. That was a really nice post.

  5. Boski93 says:

    Thank you everyone.

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