The Lights Dim for Hollywood

This weekend the world was dealt some cruel blows.

First, Don Knotts passing.Oh Barney Fife you are going to that police station in the sky.

This man gave us so much:

The Andy Griffith Show

The Incredible Mr. Limpet

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

The Apple Dumpling Gang

Gus (Also Dick Butkus finest work before Blue Thunder the TV series)

Hot Lead and Cold Feet


Three’s Company (I think he did the best he could with the material, but he was no Mr. Roper. I wonder if they are not sitting down right now comparing notes on being property managers)

You may not know this, but me and Don we were close. So I never meet him, but while working my summers on Big Thunder Mountian, there was a railcar on the ride, that was used in the Movie “Hot Lead and Cold Feet”. So I am surprised that I am not going to be asked to speak at the memorial service.

I just hope now that now they can finally show the episode of the Andy Griffith show they never aired. The one that truly explains why Barney left. The episode is a hard hitting, hard drinking and hard loving morality play of 22 minutes in which Barney meets Dr. Timothy Leary and goes on a trip that will lead him to Mexico where he proclaims himself as the “Treasure of the Sierra Madre”. But in the time in between, Barney:

Decks Andy

Gives Opie an Atomic Wedgie of biblical proportions

Makes Otis Dance through the town in a tutu

Slow dances with Goober

Makes a drunken pass at Aunt Bea

Sells Thema Lou to Ernest T. Bass

Shoots Floyd the Barber in the ass with his one bullet (which you know he did. If you notice in the later episodes, Floyd is never standing.)

and then helps the Russian invade Mayberry.

Wouldn’t that be a great episode.

All kinding aside Don was a hoot and he will be missed.

The second one was this man

Ralphie’s Dad, Mr. Madison, the Night Stalker, one of the creepy dude’s in the Natural has gone as well. He was a great character actor, right up there with the bald guy from “Top Gun” and Back to the Future. I am going to be a little sad come Christmas, when they play “A Christmas Story”. A role that I can say he should have been nominated for a Supporting Actor. Without him the movie does not have the legs it does, sure the story is about Ralphie, but Darren brings it home and makes it a classic. So I will try to get a Forty, and pour it out for him while yelling,


In the most primordial voice I can hit. I could just watch that on a loop for hours.

So fare the well Night Stalker thank you for all the entertainment.

Lastly, Larry Storch. Not you as well Corporal Agarn. Oh wait, this just in. He’s not dead, just his career. Come on Larry make a come back.

Well I would like to again express my gratitude to you gentlemen for giving me so much entertainment and a reason to kill time. And also would like to express condolences for them as well.


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