Message to Frank

Excuse me Mr. Thomas, I want to first say thank you for all that you did as member of the White Sox. You gave me and many others many a thrill during your tenure. You maybe go down as the greatest player to be a White Sox, in fact I am still pissed you got jobbed on the MVP in 2000. I know that the day is coming when your #35 will be retired, but right now:

“Just shut your cake hole!”

Kenny I am glad you finally let Frank have it. Frank the Sox carried you a long time when they could have dumped you. They put up with your shitty attitude in the club house. Frank you can’t drive in runs from the DL. I checked. They had to move on. If you hit from the left side they would have worked with you Frank. You no longer hit .320 and draw walks. So having a guy who can only DH and who has not played a full season since 2003. You can not even play first any more, you may have less range than David Ortiz.

Frank you can be bitter that they did not have you back, but I think they tried and you would have not been happy to be a role player. So they gave you a chance to make one more run. So what do you do, you piss all over them. So you did not mean what you said on the World Series DVD? Hey, I can understand you needed to get an “edge” by motivating yourself that you have an axe to grind, but you are clutching at straws.

So from now on Frank, you will go by moniker that my friend Billski Burgervich would always call you, “The Big Stank”. This will continue until you make peace. So go and have fun with Moe Green at the Trop, you are dead to the family. May you have season full of bad clams.

Best wishes,

The Mayor of White Sox Village

P.S. you are off the Christmas Card list.


One Response to Message to Frank

  1. BMMan says:

    Not really defending him because I could care less about Frank Thomas, but I read the article and both his and Williams’ comments and it seems like what upset Thomas was just that Reinsdorf didn’t call him and tell him that they were going in another direction.


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