Hey why should facts get in the way.

Let’s here it for a fearless leader Mr. Bush.

Now that you “on board” for the push for alternative energy. Which you are about 5 years late getting a serious start on. I had to laugh at your visit to the Energy Departments National Renewable Energy Lab in Colorado. A lab, where thanks to you and lackeys, had cut their budget. But hey we need those tax breaks so Joe Average get that $300 bucks for that $30,000 credit card bill, and the top 1% needs their ivory back scratchers. Two weeks before your field-trip, thanks to these cuts they came up $28 million short of their budget. Again maybe, just maybe if asked for some competitive bids on the reconstruction of Iraq (which is now being called Tammany Hall II Electric Bugaloo) they would have it. So they had to lay off employees who are working on alternative energy. Thanks to your quick thinking you got their jobs back. A nice gesture, but there is one problem. They are still 23 million short to do the work you claim you want them to do. This could be a good time for the oil companies to chip in and help them develop a Hummer that will consume twice as much gas. See Big Oil cares.

You have finally hit bottom when I will actually agree with Bill Frist. Wait, I am checking right now and there was a frost warning for parts of hell. What the hell are we doing allowing the out sourcing the management of six major American ports. This is not a xenophobic rant, but why are we allowing Dubai Ports World to take control of managing these ports. A company based in U.A.E., which has been a Greyhound Bus Terminal for terrorist activity. Sure the government is “ally”, but 98 percent of the people in U.A.E. could careless about this deal and more who cares about the US.

Has the U.S. done anything to really improve secruity at our ports. Have we increased the budget for the Coast Guard? Are we scanning and tracking all those containers? Also after watching the second season of “The Wire” there is too much shit that can go down at the ports. Maybe if we were doing a better job at our ports then I would think differently. I say this not only because of fear of weapons being smuggled, which does scare the bejebus out of me, but the traffic of drugs, money and people.

Finally Mr. Bush, I am not happy that a “Great British” (yes he said that) company is in charge of commercial operation on six Eastern seaports because of the concerns I listed above. These are important strategic and economic assets and they should be managed by American companies. But if they are being handled by your fiends er. . . I mean friends then lets handle them over.


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