I got lost, I swear.

Sorry to go walk about on all eight of you out there who read this. I thought I would have so much time to blog when my temp assignment finished. Well like my predictions that Sigue Sigue Sputnik, the Atari Lynx and the XFL would all end up being greater than the invention of the printing press, they all failed. You live, you learn. I did actually try to sit down and blog, I tried to put up some pictures. After waiting 30 minutes for one of them to load (thanks dial up) I had to stop. I was going to collapse my skull from pounding the desk with it.

Let’s go to the highlights from a man who gives nothing but lowlights.

Dinner and Drinks – The Better Half took me out for a nice dinner. She had felt bad that she had a really crappy schedule and since we car pool there were many a night spent sitting around her office. I kept telling her it was okay, and that I felt bad that work was nuts. Hell, this woman has put up with my abnormal interest in NFL Europe. So she would have to hit me with a hammer or make me go to see Yanni to make me perturbed. So we trekked to a nice Belgian restaurant in Laguna. Before the meal, we got a little trashed drinking at the bar at The Royal Hawaiian. It was such an amazing meal. It was so good I almost thought about not creating a time machine so I could go back and beat the crap of King Leopold. Almost I said.

Super Bowl XLzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Glad to see the Steelers beat Team Potted Meat. This was all sizzle no steak. In fact this game would be a nice gristle sandwich. Oh sure it taste like steak, but after chewing on it for 3 plus hours you realize that all you got every little out of it.

Enjoyed the game watching with my good friend, Steeler fan, and King of the Desert Hooligans. I was glad to see him see his team not shoot it’s self in the foot. Whoa, hold on their Mr. Cheney, just put down the rifle I will get to you later, just using a shoot analogy. But he is an Angels fan and after this fall and 1997’s AFC Championship Game, things had to even out.

Super Bowl notes – Enjoyed some of the commercial, others were dumb and some were just rammed into the ground. If I heard another Greys anatomy ad with “It’s a code black”. I was going to go down and give everyone a black eye.

The Better Half got off some great lines during the halftime show. My favs:

After watching the Stones for a few moments, “What is this,”Assisted Living Dracula?” (sorry it’s a joke from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but still funny as hell).

After someone talked about the stage setup. “What is Mick going drive around on a Rascal?

On Mick decision to wear a cut off shirt. “Look I was not put on this earth to look at some 65 year old guys stomach. That is just not right.

Other items:

My first week of freedom, well almost. I spent a lot of time trying to work on stuff around the house. Still have a ton to do. But it has led me to the fact I need to find a way to work from home and that work be involving sports. Seriously can someone help a brother out.

The Winter Olympics – Other than curling and hockey, will some one please wake me when they are done.

The Great One’s gambling scandal – You think Wayne has had enough to deal with, coaching, the passing of a parent and I believe a grandparent, now Toccett-Gate. I think it is still too early to say if Wayne was involved, but what kind of world do we live when Janet Jones is dropping that kind of green on Football. It has to be Wayne’s money. You can not tell me she amassed that from Police Academy 5 and the Flamingo Kid. I know Wayne loves Tocchet, but as a Kings fan he is bad news. I know the guy scored 48 goals with Pittsburgh, but we traded Lucky for him and we got nothing. It took the Kings years to get things straighten out after that. Sadly this is not the first time Wayne was “involved” with something nefarious. Two words, “Bruce McNall”. Also thanks to Wayne, he brought in Charlie Huddy, who lead an escort service to the net during his time with the Kings.

Skating with Celebs, not enough “celeb” spill and chills. But I am pulling for the only one who did spill blood, Christy Swanson. Please defeat the souless shrill harpy that is Jillian Barbarie.

Oh darn I missed the Grammy’s. When the music industry spends three hours celebrating the steaming pile of crap they rammed down our throats. I think I would have shot myself if forced to watch. PUT THE GUN DOWN MR. CHENEY! I am just making a bad joke. Easy there big guy. Most of the acts I could have cared less about. There were some that I was glad to see win something, but mostly it is souless and blank, kinda like Maria Carrey. I heard the opening of the show was a over hyped, over blown, cartoonesque, visual carcophany of lights sound and dance to hide poor singing and the Gorillaz. Well it looks like the Gorillaz were not destroyed, so maybe their is hope for Guy Ritchie. Last nitpick of the Grammy’s, why is it that they reward good artist years too late and for albums that aren’t that great. I am sorry but that Santana album that swept the awards was not great, but did they even give him a look for the work he should have rewarded, no. What asshats.

Baseball is almost back. Pitchers and catchers are about to report. The White Sox prepare to defend their title. Oh I got goose bumps typing that. But the glow of the Pro Bowl has past so, it is the lean season for sports. I used to love college hoops but call me in March. The NBA, my roto team sucks so why should I care. Hockey, stupid Olympics had to interrupt. Arena Football, I sorry it is tough for me to support people for doing what I used to get in trouble doing as a kid. Maybe if they put up a lamp or a picture frame up on the nets and if a team hits or breaks it, they get in trouble now I trying to get back on the EPL.

I was disappointed about the Katrina hearings. I did like the grilling of Browne, what an assclam. I just wished they had put an apple in his mouth as they roasted him. But looking at all these departments and their reactions I am surprised more did not die. Everyone has some blame to accept, but as we all know that this starts at the top and this country got what it voted for.

Mr. Bush, glad to see you saved us coked out, commie liberal asses. We should just get on hands and knees and thank you for doing what you are supposed to do, defend this country. It is in the job description. Go read it, have Laura help you with the big words. I am sorry but this whole domestic wiretap thing is crap. The terrorist are smart enough to know not use land lines and other communications that are easily monitored. But then they my still use those because they know that we do not have enough people to properly translate. Right now, they are using disposable cell phones like drug dealers. Easy to get and toss, but tough to trace. But then no one has ever thwarted a terrorist attack without running roughshod over the constitution. Oh wait Clinton did in 2000 with the foiling of the Seattle Space Needle. I know Mr. President supporting the constitution and checks and balances makes me a humus eating terrorist. Look I think what needs to be done can be done while protecting civil liberties, not easy but it can. We tout ourselves as free and a model for others to follow, but our actions contradict that. Hey I am just saying.

Hey what is up with Elmer Fudd…er I mean the Vice President. Maybe this is why you got out of Vietnam Mr. Cheney. Look I am not a smart man, but turning and firing a shotgun when you know you have someone behind you and the sun in your eyes is morbidly retarded. What are Quail that dangerous? I sure those are the birds the terrorist will use next to strike at us. Mr. Cheney what were you pissed that you those evil Quail were going to do the old, one sneak behind while another rushes up and pushes over the other one? Good to see you can still clip a 78 year old guy with buck shot. Wow that guy did not have a good weekend. But don’t worry Mr. Cheney like telling Scooter Libby about disclosing who was a CIA op, or covering for Haliburton and Enron it will all just get swept aside. You are a class act sir, a class act.

Still looking for people for our Belfast trip, so if you or anyone you know is free from March 31st to April 15th, I still have spots available.

Well I have run on too long, just like the majority of the sentences in this entry. I wanted to get this out. Please forgive all the errors and lack of cohesion, too much cough syrup.


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