Out of the basement!

Today I got an unexpected day off. Which would have been nice if it was not for the those in my fair city who encroached on our compound.

Yesterday, a city street crew came out to our home, while we were at work and proceeded to do work with out our consent. Which would be fine if they did not come on to our property and damage it. Seriously WTF!

We come home and see a couple and find:

a couple of city orange cones in our yard

a patch of asphalt where a part of our bushes used to be (which look ridiculous, if you are going to that, then put in concrete it now looks like crap

broken tree and bush branches thrown back into the yard

and dirt thrown back into the bushes

To sum it up it, this was the intersection of retarded and ridiculous. Welcome to Retardulous. (thanks Mrs. Boski)

So we called the cops and had them come out and see it. The officer was nice enough to come out talk to us and give us a name to call the next day.

Since Mrs. Boski had a ton of pressing issues at work, I volunteered to stay home and try to get answers. So I was out in the sunshine today, but not for reasons I wanted.

I called the city and they are going to looking into it. They sent out someone to take a look. The guy actually was a neighbor of ours. We talked and he informed me that someone probably complained about the that spot. The area in question, the sidewalk does get narrow, and there is a light pole in the middle. So that someone probably called and said that they could not navigate their wheelchair, or whatever through. So it has to be opened up to allow proper access. Which I completely understand and would have been happy to clear that out and let the city put in pavement. But no one even called us, or even sent us a letter. If I find out who it is they may get a right thrashing. Okay, I can’t thrash them, but I feel better for getting that out. But I will express displeasure to them that they did not even extend the courtesy to tell us they had a problem. I have a feeling this is the same person who came out and ripped some bushes out of our beds and threw them out in the street. Who ever you are, you are a bastard and may you consume some really bad soup.

The guy from the city, was surprised at what he saw, and let me know that he was going to yell at someone, because it look ridiculous. This is not over. Team Boski will get answers. I just worry that the city will soon violate our neutrality and invade us.


5 Responses to Out of the basement!

  1. BubbaRayGracie says:

    You got free asphalt AND orange cones?

  2. BMMan says:

    As an attorney, my first reaction is, “Huh, huh, huh, knock it off Beavis.”

    You should call a lawyer and sue the city. Then you could rename it, “Boskiville,” “Boski City,” “New Boski,” or “Boski Heights.”

  3. Boski93 says:

    Right now I am looking for answers from the city and replacement of the blacktop. At least put in concrete. But if answers are not received then there may be request for reparations. Reparations Jerry!

    But I do like your idea. I have thought about establishing my own city. Hmmmm Boskivillie, Boski Heights, San Boskidino, Otisburg? Otisburg!

  4. BMMan says:

    I kind of like San Boskidino. What about Las Boski, or Las Boskidero.

  5. Boski93 says:

    I think Las Boski is our winner.

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