Full time work at part time prices.

What was supposed to be just a few week assignment just keeps getting extended. Another busy week doing administrative scut work (killing the brain cells one data entry key stroke at a time). Again do not get me wrong, I am drawing a check to fund that future kelp farm I have always wanted. The people here are nice and I have some healthcare administrations skills, but even if they offered me a job, I think I would say, “thanks, but no thanks.” The underground thing is a pain (please sue Devo’s “Working in a Coalmine”), but the other thing that gets me.

The half hour lunch.

But Matt that means you get out a half hour earlier.

Yeah, yeah save it. I hated it at Disney and I hate it here.

To me I like having an hour where “the man can’t touch me”. The other problem with only a half hour is that due to the location, I am stuck at the hospital. The big treat is getting on a tram to go the mall. Hmmm I am craving an Orange Julius right now.

I enjoy getting out of the office and being away from from my desk. I can let the sense of dread and tedium subside even if it is ever so briefly.

I know I should not gripe, it’s not like I am Jurgis and I am working my shift at Brown and Company packing meat.

Maybe I should just realize that I am a square peg in this round hole world and should chuck it all and write “history”.

While you here.

It has been busy to the point where I have not had a chance to ramble about the Broncos win Saturday night (yes, it was a bad call on the PI, I am not going to argue that and Bailey’s Int has questions). It was not too long ago on this little blog, I had so many questions about this team and it’s direction. Now they are one game away from the Super Bowl. And now their chances of getting there are much improved. I am not saying Sunday will be a walk in the park. If Denver had to go to Indy it would have been trying to scale Everest in flip-flops, now it is only trying to scale K-2 with one bunny slipper and one flip flop. But if Denver loses I can live with the Steelers going on, I will be bummed, but not catatonic. It would also make my friend the King of the Desert Hooligans very happy.

As for the NFC, I think we are going to have ourselves a good old-fashion rake fight. I think this game will be very entertaining and I think Carolina can pull one off (cue for all of you out there to bet on Seattle). I think Team Potted Meat fate is in the hands and the skull of Alexander and his bruised brain. If he can play then he opens up their passing game. If Seattle wins it will have the distinction of having the ugliest uniforms ever to play in a Super Bowl.

More on this as the week goes on.


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