I need more feedback people.

With the whole Abramoff scandal and ensuring trial’s, it made me think wistfully about one of my favorite political corruption cases. Let’s go back in time to 1980 and Abscam. It was bribery, grainy video, corruption and shame. It had it all.

All of those memories made me think that CSPAN really needs to start a third channel. CSPAN – Classic. Just like ESPN Classic.

Just think:

Seeing Tip O’Neal as he battles Reagan and the Republicans, all the while he fights against sobriety. You can not tell me there is not a tape of him and Teddy getting ripped. Ripped to the point that would have made Otis from Mayberry blush.

Iran-Contra – Let’s look back see how a president, who may have been incapacitated, avoids troubles. As his minions sell dangerous weapons to Iran. Totally going against Rapping Ronnies whole “we do not negotiate with terrorist” mantra .

The Wonderful World of Watergate – See how the Constitution is supposed to work, and that a power crazy president who breaks the law was brought to justice. Wait that might anger people if they realize that what our Fearless Leader, who not even qualified to be Assistant Manager at a Stuckey’s, has committed even more brazen violations of the Constitution.

This Old House ‘The K Street Addition’ – Bob Villa and Jack Abramoff look at how to renovate PAC’s, Lobbyist and other Beltway Cronies. So they can graft like new.

Senate Hearing Bloops, Bleeps and Blunders – See all the stuff that never saw the light of day.

Legislative Buzzer beaters – You will witness the Congress work hard and pass important legislations just as the session about to close. See all the pork barreling action you crave. See how bridges to nowhere and $800 hammers are attach themselves like big ugly smelly barnacles.

Who needs the Improve – enjoy hours of fun, as you hear the comic styling of “B-1” Bob Dornan, Jessie Helms and Strom “I used to hang with Jeff Davis” Thurmond.

Fabulous Filibusters – See people talk and talk and talk and talk.

From across the Pond – For those who how are fans of the British Parliament you will get hours of the best back bench hazing from the House of Commons.

And for after dark – “The Clarence Thomas Confirmation Hearings” the unrated version.

Now who is with me.


7 Responses to I need more feedback people.

  1. dantobindantobin says:

    I would totally watch that channel. I am with you.

  2. BubbaRayGracie says:

    More feedback?
    *holds guitar right up to amp, wails really loud*

    How’s THAT for feedback?

  3. BMMan says:

    Ahhh, the good old days when “Is that a pubic hair on your Coke can” was considered just good ol fashioned flirting!

  4. Boski93 says:

    Down right Victorian to some these days.

  5. BMMan says:

    Are you nervous for Man U’s FA Cup return match with the mighty BURTON ALBION today?

    The winner gets to travel to Molineux to play my other favorite team, Wolverhampton.

  6. Boski93 says:

    Mmmmmmmmm Wolverhampton.

    I think after getting their asses handed to them, they should be up to take it out on Burton. But they are going B-Team team, so anything can happen.

    Hopefully we will see what £7m buys these days (Vidic).

  7. BMMan says:

    Last I saw (espn soccernet gamecast), Man U was up 4-nil in the second half.

    Oh well. Let’s go Wolves (which is strange, because it’s actually the Wolverhampton Wanderers, but they call themselves the Wolves. ONe would think that they would’ve just named themselves the Wolves and saved the confusion).

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