Sorry for the Hold Up Folks.

I am sorry good people, but I did promise you something and now I have not delivered. Well in George Bush’s American that makes me a hero, but here with the good people of Bloggy Town it means I am a bum. I am working on it, but sadly I have made the mistake of actually trying to get work done at work. I know I am shocked as much as you are.
It’s January and you know what that means. It’s John Fucenda Appreciation Month. That time when the Super Bowl movies are rolled out and played over and over again. I should know I have spent about 12% of my waking hours watching them. (The only ones I will not watch are XXI, XXII and XXIV. Those are snuff films to me and I will not condone that behavior.) Now if this info had been on the SAT’s, I would have been an Oxford and a Fullbright scholar, sadly they never put anything good on the SAT’s.
But yours truly is still hard trying to get back into a regular blogging pattern. I swear. Oh look they are playing the highlights of Super Bowl VIII. Got to go.

Yahoo! DSL Something to write home about. Just $16.99/mo. or less


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