Alright I got that out.

Okay, I am off the soap box. Had a good weekend spent most of it throw my nephew around, in a good way people. You don’t have to call child services. My nephew really like the Nutcracker and we had a good time around SCR.

The BH and I also actually had fun Friday night, the BH Christmas party was fun, so a good time was had.

Sunday rocked. Broncos eked out a win and the Bolts and chiefs soiled themselves. One step closer to locking up the division. Need to get Saturday’s game vs. the Bills. I know this will anger my man Eric (who will be comforted by making the roto playoffs) and Slappar.

Had a wonderful evening at Castle Von Boskistein, as me and my sister celebrated our birthdays. I so scored. I am now apart of I-pod nation. All I have to do is order it. I thought my hate of Apple had to end and I got so tired of burning CD’s. Also it was time to give back to the company that gave us the US Festival. My family gave me a gift cert to go get one. They were also awesome enough to also get me the Simpson season 6, Del Taco gift certs, White Sox World Series Shirt and DVD. Which I went home and watched the hell out of last night. And I will watch it again, just watch me. I will do it.

Well I have to review medical records so I have to go. We will see if all those years of watch Quincy is going to come in handy.


One Response to Alright I got that out.

  1. BubbaRayGracie says:

    That sounds like a sweet birthday haul. The iPod is an excellent toy for adults!

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