Does this mean he will be a washout in the Pro’s

Drew Olson throwing for half a K against ASU. It hearkened back to the days of Cade McNown. He was one of the most exciting college QB’s ever. I still get chills thinking about the comeback against SC in ’96. Man did he flame out in the pros. Cade you should have read the fine print on that contract with Satan.

It was good to see them win. Wished they showed the effort in Tucson. But now the Bruins get two weeks to prepare to take on USC. Of what joy it would be if the Bruins end the streak, and keep the Trojans out of the Rose Bowl. Even though the Trojans should go even if they lose. I think (even though I hate to say it) they deserve to be there and play Texas. But then what do I know about college football, the “experts” think college football does not exist west of Oklahoma, except at USC.


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