With People like this,

it makes me sad that we have had so many die in defense of this country and the freedoms we should cherish.

What makes me think this on Veterans Day?

First Bill O’Reilly step up you are a contestant on “The Biggest Jackass”. I should not be surprised that you would say something this dumb. But I hold out hope that one day you will realize that you are an asshole and will think before you speak. Hey I do not mind we hold different political views, but seriously. You know what Bill it is people like you that make me say, “wow, I think Cromwell did not go far enough.”

Second, Dick Cheney at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Mr. “I had other priorities so I need a deferment”. Hell at least George went through the motions by hiding in the National Guard. I am glad we are honoring those who served and fell in combat defending this country. It just make me angry to see him a man who has a hand in “Messopotamia” (thanks Daily Show). You are such an ass.

Lastly, Alfred E. Newman. I would like to thank you Mr. President for your contributions on Veterans Day. Thanks to you, you have added to numbers of those who fallen. But then it was “Mission Accomplish” wasn’t it? So you take today to try to prop up your mess.

Hey, I loved that you and the “cadre of crazy” are more concerned about who leaked where we are torturing people, than finding out who is leaking info about CIA ops, or that the wonderful war you lead us into was based on lies. Oh sure I am not a fan of Saddam and that the nation majority was held suppressed, but thanks to your quick thinking and action we screw it all up. You could not take the time to read or listen to your dad about Iraq. If you were going to fight this war you should have at least done it right. Now you have compromised our military and home land security. This, your tax cuts, and budget slashing, you wonder why people feel like this (it is a shame more could not have felt like this in Nov.) But hey you have the last laugh you in office for the next three years and if you play your cards right maybe more. So get some rest, “playing president” is tough work.

Good job Georgie.


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