More White Soxcentric Articles.

What have I been telling you people.

Also why it is important for the Sox to win, it is to stick it the Cubs.

So Game One is upon us and I am already getting the butterflies. Of course Roger Clemens is pitching. Who else. I am hoping Roger soils himself and goes all crazy ala Game 4 of 1990 ALCS. But the Better Half and I are going to try to go to Burbank to watch the game. Saturday we have to be up in Pacomia. There is a group from Northern Ireland out here building and they have asked us to come up and join them. So it will be good to hang with our peeps from Belfast. Afterwards, Team Boski are going to try go to Taste Chicago in Burbank. The Better Half found out during the ALCS that it was a place for White Sox fans to watch the game. If we can’t get in we will find a spot.

I promise to return to regular nonsense after the series.

Also BRG please forgive me for last weekend. I am sorry our teams had to collide on the gridiron and your Pats came up on the short end. Soon we can stop being enemies.

Last White Sox tid bit – Pierzynski is Polish for “He Hate Me”.

Thanks for your patronage.


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