Sorry a little late.

One down. Two more to go.

But that is nothing new for White Sox fans. Friday was awesome. Again they showed that they do belong here. Around 4:00 pm Friday I was ready to concede and get ready for game four and five. We had a meeting at work, soI left my desk with the bases loaded and no one out. The whole time I thought, maybe we got out of the inning down one or two, or that the Red Sox put up a 10 spot. So when I went back to check I was stunned to see that it was now the top of 9 and we still had the lead. Wha happened? Well apparently Olrando Hernandez did his best Houdini
and performed an escape of biblical proportions. Now if he could drop some old school rhymes then he cold Whodini. They held on and won. So as I read on “1917 is now the new 1918”.

Right now we will see who is next. I hate to say I want the Yankees. The Angels scare me and I do not want to go through the next week plus getting any crap from friends and family. Well we will see what happens tonight.

Again I do promise to get this blog back to the regularly scheduled nonsense.


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