Today is a good day to be the mayor.

I am sorry that I have been tardy with post. I have been busy with actually finding a job, although it was not the one I was really hoping for. It’ s a long story so I will not bore you with it.

Before I go on I would like to extend an olive branch for all those Red Sox fans who have stumbled across this blog. Sadly for the next week we will have to be enemies. I hope after all this we can still blog in peace. Also please forgive me if I go overboard at any point.

Yesterday was a day I am going to hold forever. I did not get to see much of the game. In fact I was only able to see the bottom of the first, and that was enough. I have to thank the BH for getting me updates as a toil at the new place. I was happy with them getting the one run playing little ball. But then with two outs they put up four more. Yesterday all those two out hits were make ups for all the opportunies missed in ’93 and ’00. No more Danny Pasqua failing to drive in a run with two outs. A home playoff win since 1959. It was just such a perfect day it all went right, but one game does not remove 88 years of misery. Today does not matter one bit if we can not win this series. Today the Sox showed they deserved to be apart of the final eight. Now it is time to put it to them. They have to win tonight. I do not think I could stand to watch David Wells go all Mike Boddicker and K 14 Sox. They have to take to them and put it to them till they get that final out. The Red Sox are the ones you want to give extra chances to, because they will kill you.

Yesterday as the BH and were driving I could not help but babble on about what had happened and how happy I was. It was like the Christmas I got the Millenum Falcon, you could not shut me up.

Right now it is a good time sportwise for me. My Sox’s are in the playoffs and won a game! The Broncos are playing well, after the humilation in Miami they have been playing well. UCLA is still undefeated and the LA Kings have not lost a game yet and healthy. Yeah I know the season starts tonight, but I will take what I can get with them. I know this can all go in the crapper so quick so I will enjoy what I can.

So this morning I tell you with a heart full of glee that being the mayor of White Sox Village is a great gig right now.

Sorry for any spelling errors. I could not use the spell check this morning.

Now we return to great moments with William Henry Harrison.


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