Non Laboring Labor Day.

Again here at the Blog of Fun are trying to keep our spirits up considering what has transpired. So I tried to enjoy the Labor Day Weekend:

Here are the highlights:

Being called chief as I left the office this weekend. The security guy yelled it at me as I was walking “Hey chief, have a good weekend.” Nice.

Watching football that mattered. Saturday I enjoyed football that counts. Sure it’s not the pros, but in some SEC schools they get paid more. Come on people you can not tell me that Tennessee is not over the Salary Cap. Like what I saw watching the Bruins. The only thing that made me made was seeing the UCLA backup QB Koval in the game and they showed his major and where he lives. Why do you ask? Well it’s because I am jealous. Life is good when you are the back up at a D-I school, you taking history at UCLA, maybe even a class with Dr. Weber and you come from Malibu. Yes, life is tough for you Mr. Koval. You have my life. I so wanted to go to UCLA. Sure I would have love to played even just one down for UCLA. But I really would have loved to gone and been apart of the History Department. I also enjoyed the hell out of the Wisconsin Bowling Green game. Nice to see the cult of Bob Stoopes trip up, again. I enjoyed all of it. Oh football I have missed you. Let us never argue again.

Time with the family – Sunday spent time with some of the family enjoying a nice BBQ in the Boski birthplace. A chance to see mom before we leave.

White Sox – I would like to thank the Tigers for all their help this weekend, and good to see them win Monday. They needed to play well in Boston at least once. Now the magic number is 17 and counting. I really want this team to achieve something. I would like to at least see a playoff win at home for first time since 1959, and no I do not count the last part of “Major league 2”. That movie was awful, bad enough I think they should have let the White Sox win and just end the Major league Movie franchise. Look no one saw the third installment. I sure as hell did not even if it was a Scott Bakula tour-de-force (is that right?).

Got more off the check list for our trip, which is good, but there is so much more to do before Sunday.

The bad

Well that is pretty obvious what was not right about the weekend. Again, how did we come to this. Oh that’s right I now remember. Thanks Mr. President, thanks.


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