September 29, 2005
They did it!

Cutting it a little close guys. What was once a 15 game lead got down to 1 1/2, but thankfully the Sox got themselves off the floor. I would like to take the time and thank the Royals for their comeback win on Sunday and big up to the Devil Rays for going into the Jake and punking the Tribe (Seth McClung and Danny Baez you will always be welcomed here).

The White Sox are going to be playing in October. I love the sound of that.

This season has brought me renewed love for this team, but at the same time it almost destroyed any faith I had in them completely. If this team had blown that lead and failed to make the playoffs. I think that would have been it. I know you saying what kind of fan are you? Well one who would have lost all faith. I have seen too many failures and coming up on the short end. You root for teams with guys like John Cangelosi, Jose DeLeon and Donnie Hill. That will take years off your life.

I just want what the Red Sox had last year and the Angels in ’02, a magical postseason run. One that will culminate in me standing at the White Sox Spring training complex in February with a sign saying “thank you”. One of those magical couple of weeks that I can always have. One that can’t be taken away, to get you through those long, long seasons. The Broncos did it in ’97 and I still get the chills thinking about that from time to time.

It will be tough to swallow if this team goes out quickly, but I think they still have me as a fan. A fan who does a shitload of Chicken Little the sky is falling, but still loves this team and hates the Cubs kind of fan.

So as of right now I will seek at least one more term as Mayor of White Sox Village.


Back from Summer Camp.

September 28, 2005

What did I do on my summer vacation?

Well summer is finally over for me. As I have droned on we finished our trip to Kauai for HFH. Now I will try to give you a Steven Hawking Brief Explanation of the Universe account of your trip. With a lot less high level thinking and some pictures, which mean our president can follow along.

Warning – this blog entry will contain images that you may find disturbing.

If you should come into contact with this man be very aware, he is dangerous when arcane. If you do encounter this person please use anyshinyy object you may have to distract him and then move to a safe location immediately.

Here is Boski’s trip to Kauai in 8,000 words or less.

We left on the 11th from beautiful John Wayne Airport and had a nice little flight on Aloha.

After a welcome dinner we got to our new digs for 12 days. The rest of the evening and the next day we got settled in and took a tour of one of the old plantation towns and finished up with a glorious sunset.

Just a glimpse from where we stayed.

A nice look at our statelyaccommodationss.

Here is the shower. Very rustic, but it worked.

This was our man servant Joffery, oh sure he’s a gecko, but he did a wonderful job, and we only had to tip him in bugs.

Here is shot of the plantation town.

Here is me asking for directions, I think I got the directions to go to hell.

Then we took in the Kauai Museum, sadly no cameras allowed, so this is it.

Not tooshabbyy.

After that we got down to the work. This was tough but rewarding. We did not get to really work on houses. What our group mostly worked on was building a dust fence which is very important when you build on Kauai. Because here since this was a former volcano the dirt is just chock full of iron, which gives the ground a nice red. With out that fence that dirt goes everywhere and gets on everything.

Hey I at least go to see the ocean everyday.

I do not want to toot our horn, but we did a damn good job. Lets say if the East Germans had us there would still be a wall. No I am here all week folks.

Thatlovelyy red dirt it was everywhere. Oh sure it was pretty to look at but a bitch to remove from your clothes. It got on everything. I know I am going to keep finding red dirt in this house for months. This picture gives you a good sense about the red dirt and how pale I am. Especially when it comes to my feet, which I appear to treat like veal. I have joked here before that even when I do take off my socks it still looks like I have socks on.

No, that has not been doctored those are my feet.

And there was an action shot. The amazing thing is the only thing I hurt on this trip was my pride.

We did work almost 9 of the 12 days, but we did manage time to squeeze in some sites and some activities. But since it is taking meliterallyy days to do this entry since downloading pictures on dial up takesat leastt 20 minutes for a picture at minimum. This time I am notexaggeratingg. We had some nice shots of the island and our activities. Even one of me on a horse looking like I went to school on the short bus. We even have one at a really cool waterfall. Maybe for a another day. Sadly it was not too much further past that point that the digital camera took a dip in the water as we hiked out from that waterfall. But we did get a lot done and saw enough of the island that we want to come back and vacation. Team Boski did even take the time to celebrate it’s 7th anniversary early, with a beautiful brunch at the Hyatt.

As I said this trip was great in that we in a small way we were helping people get closer to their homes. We met some great people who will never forget. Sadly, I can not say the trip went totally smoothly. We did have some issues with members of the team. I am not going to say we were perfect team leaders, but if I went into what issues we had, I would have an entry that was longer than a couple of my long winded posts put together. So I will try to stick with what was positive. Now it is time to get focused on Northern Ireland in ’06.

No Sleep till Crossgar Vegas!

I am back.

September 28, 2005

So put the English language on notice, because I have returned to blog and blog poorly.

We flew home late Friday and boy my arms are tired. Actually they are because of the hammering. We have been busy since we got home so I am still trying to unwind from it. So right now I am trying to formulate how I am going to tell you the tale of the trip. As well trying to prepare for the panic that this weekend will be when I watch a dream season end in an utter nightmare of shame and humiliation, which should be loads of fun.

Greetings from the islands.

September 18, 2005

Hello Bloggers it’s your old pal Boski blogging from the 50th state. Things have been hectic doing a ton of work. I am sorry, tired and dirty, but it is worth it. I will have a lot more to share when I return.

I have not had too much access to the outside world, but I know the White Sox are in freefall and the Broncos got schooled. Maybe it is better that I am gone, and I should not come back.

But due to my sickness over the NFL here are my picks.

Balt 20-14
Pitt 27-19
Indy 30-20
Det 17-10
Minn 30-25
Phil 23-17
Buff 21-10
NE 27-20
Atl 22-20
Ari 30-28
NYJ 24-9
GB 35-24
SD 20-14 (what a fan I am, think I could show some faith)
Oak 41-37
NYG 23-17
Dall 21-12

Well I have to get ready for another day on the site. Please enjoy the Don Ho Celebrity Bowling Hour.

Well I am off for Kauai.

September 11, 2005

It is five to one and I am trying to get the finishing touches for tomorrow. For the next 12 days Team Boski is off to build houses. I know I have bored all of you with this enough. So I will not be giving you the bad puns, bizarre historical and pop culture references. But before I go here is week 1 of the NFL.

Denver 28 – 13

Cincinnati 30 -20

Buffalo 20 – 17

Pittsburgh 26 – 15

Chicago 13 – 10

Carolina 24 – 14

Minnesota 28 – 21

Jacksonville 24 – 20

New York Jets 35 – 30

Arizona 22 – 16

St. Louis 38 – 17

Detroit 30 – 27

Dallas 20 – 17

Indianapolis 23 – 19

Philadelphia 27 – 20

Well wish me luck. I will try to update while I am gone. Even if I do it will not spare you from the slide show.

Your friend

Baron Boski Von Boski

You are kidding me right.

September 9, 2005

Head of FEMA asks why he is replaced.

Wow this guys has balls. Seriously Mr. Brown you have to ask this question.

Maybe it was due to:

Your reaction or inaction to this disaster.

You were not qualified.

You lied on your resume.

You got the job due to patronage

Your half-cooked ideas.

And you are trying to protect your bosses ass by limiting access to the media (thanks to Media Matters)

Mr. Brown I know you crying that you are being unfairly blamed, so I will not look at you as a scapegoat. I will see you more as a dropping from that horses ass that is your boss.

Another question for the audience.

September 9, 2005

With a name like Prescott Burgess why is he playing football at Michigan? I am thinking he should be playing at Harvard or Yale. Having that name means you should play linebacker wearing a cravat and sporting topsider cleats by Nike.