Summer Colds

Suck a lot of ass.

Last night while at the KDH’s home I just felt like crap and when I got home I just kept feeling more and more like Britney Spears’ TV show “Chaotic“. I felt empty, sluggish, incoherent and oozing of mucus. I am sorry if I have grossed anyone out, and I would like to apologize to mucus for putting into the same category as Britney Show. A flower bouquet is on the way.

So I tried to the right thing and cancel the cold by pounding an Airborne, getting some sleep, drinking water and getting drugs this morning. But like “Chaotic” I am still feeling the effects, kinda like radiation poisoning. As I sit here blogging it is still not getting any better.

Loud Sneeze

Loud Sneeze


Loud Sneeze

Great my nose has just clocked its 6th straight sub-4:00 mile.

If I find who gave this to me I hit smack their spleen with my shoe.


One Response to Summer Colds

  1. doxie says:

    Feel lucky you have Airborne—that stuff is a complete and total lifesaver.

    And I don’t think watching “Chaotic” will help you feel better. 😉

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