Voluptas Spectatio Rome

I probably butchered that, but hey it’s a dead language people. Sunday, Team Boski watched Rome and I enjoyed it. It was what I was hoping for. The review I had read that it moves slow due to the fact that this is and HBO BBC joint. Which I did not find slow at all. It moved well. Also if it is anything like Dirty War then I will be impressed. Now they just have to keep it up without going overboard. I think of this as a cross between Cleopatra and Gladiator for scope and “I Claudius” for the political and personal intreage.

I know that some of the history and story lines are as fabricated like most of what we get from the administration, but that is fine, I understand. The Romans did a great job at recording their leaders and their military actions, but did little of or nothing on the common person.

I am curious on how far they will take the series. Will we get to Caligula, Claudius or even Nero. Or will they have Larry David time travel? Hell, no matter what they do it would still be better than the majority of network TV.


2 Responses to Voluptas Spectatio Rome

  1. Kevin says:

    I watched Rome, too. I liked it. Some stuff is made up, but they are being very good about sticking to history. I didn’t realize at first that Octavian will go on to become Augustus Caesar (his shrewed intuition makes more sense knowing that) and I loved Mark Antony’s comment that politics is boring and they should settle disuptes like the Gauls – with violence (we all know what happens later…).

    I’m not sure if Roman women had Brazilian waxes though.

  2. Boski93 says:

    It is amazing that Octavian made it. No one expected him to be the one who would have succeded. But that is what makes Roman history fasinating to me.

    P.S. They got the waxing idea from Carthage.

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