New Orleans

It’s a city I have wanted to see and one I have wanted to avoid. I heard so many people talk about how they hated being there and if there at the wrong time it can be oppressively hot. I have also listened to the horror stories of the drunkards on Bourbon Street and other tales of urban blight.

But in this city that sweats, it does sweat history. I know a disgusting analogy, but this town oozes history, again sorry for the crudeness. But the place holds a ton of history both good in bad. The American Constantinople, just a lot younger and without the Turks trying to breach the walls. I would love to see it and view some of that rich history. The other main reason for me to go, is to wander the setting of my favorite book, “A Confederacy of Dunces“. I would have like to traipse the same path Ignatius J. Reilly took. I would do it without the heavy wool coat or dragging a hot dog cart around.

Sadly today we are staring at the possibility that some, most or even all of the charm and wonder of New Orleans may be lost forever. Which on top of some of the frightening scenarios calculated and realized about the affect of Katrina (yes this is worse than Katrina and the Waves) on New Orleans and that part of the gulf makes this chilling.

As I finish typing this it looks that New Orleans has lucked out to a some degree, there is still a ton of damage and their will be flooding, so not out of the woods yet. But let us hope that this storm ends up causing less damaged then feared.

We will now return you to bad puns, arcane historical references and sports.

Hey does this mean the Saints will be coming to L.A.?


3 Responses to New Orleans

  1. Boski93 says:

    Mr. Spammer, I do hate you so.

  2. EmiLyTh BaThoRy says:

    Hey Boski,

    Cool blog you have here… And cool topics too… I enjoy reading them. Congrats!!!


  3. The Rattler says:

    Confederacy of Dunces is classic.

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