Wouldn’t that be awful.

If the MTV Music Awards were delayed, or gasp, canceled because of this. I could only hope. But what will MTV do? I shutter to think that Sway and Jon Norris will be prisoners in their hotel rooms. And does this mean that Missy-Diddy-Green Day Parade will be canceled. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The terrorist have won if we allow this. What kind of world do we live in where bad and oversaturated musical acts can not get together and crap all over music. We need to support really bad hip hop and Gwen Stefani, if we don’t people may have to listen to . . . music that does not suck. We also need to be there for MTV, so they can work on trying not have any music on it, and MTV2. They know what we want and that is crap.

Note: Boski Corp does enjoy some rap music, but a lot they roll out on MTV sucks so much ass.

Maybe this is really why P. Diddy dropped the P. He was scared it was going to fly away. Seriously Mr. Puffy Shawn Diddy Badboy Records Rockefellar-Skank Combs. But you said you did this for your fans, since the P was causing problems for the fans. Well I know that I am not a fan because of the urinesque aroma that music evokes. You are here and Biggie’s dead, I hope that deal with Satan was worth it.


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