I see we did not have to wait long.

For Bolton to start f’ing around at the UN. It looks like we want to screw around at the UN and ensure we piss off everyone. Just so Bolton can run over to FOX and yell, “look the UN is awful and they are like so not us and like we need to be like better and stuff.” The Article shows us some of the wonderful Boltonian Diplomacy we are in store for.

Vetoing Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing, hell no!

Global warming, go f yourself hippies!

International Criminal Court, screw you we got Judge Joe Brown!

Reduce Poverty and preventable diseases in poor countries, that sounds like communism! They should be free to be poor and get the diseases of their choice.

Promote Human Rights and democracy, sure only if you agree with us. Don’t go all Hugo Chavez, or we will sick our Mullahs…er I mean televangilist on you.

I know that there are more to the points the Mustachioed Madman is making and some in principle I agree on (how it is to be implemented thats where I think we would be at odds, also there were probably not his ideas anyway). I would like to see nuclear weapons dismantled, human rights promoted (including here) and some accountability on aid (to ensure it is going to where it needs to go). But a lot of this is crap in this blogger’s opinion and I love making fun of him, the sham of his appointment and his god-awful facial hair.

So, I hope that Mr. Bolton is shown to be a complete and utter disaster at the UN.

Please enjoy some aged Pepsi Free.


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