Now with 48% less self loathing.

I know it is a staple of this little blog, but I going to try to work to tone down the “woe is me”, “I have no career”, “waaa!” crapitude. Oh don’t worry I am not going to let the Self Deprecation Masters go to waste. It still will be put to use but hopefully in a more comedic and entertaining fashion. Think of it as Scooby Doo, but a lot less Scrappy Doo.

As you can see I have some access at work today. I am going to run it for all its worth, while trying to accomplish something.

Congrats to my man the Red Head IT man on his birthday. Thanks for the wonderful party you and your wife do a fantastic job hosting. Great to see some of old friends. It is also great to sit back and recount our days working for the Mouse and realize how much we got away with, while at the same time not killing anyone. The only thing we hurt were rude guests’ feelings.

So I am Tom Boskidett and we will leave the blog on for you.


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