As I was biking along at the gym this morning watching ESPN I was disturbed by something. No not the 24 hour coverage of T.O., which is hilarity. I think all those who said he was going to be a distraction feel vindicated. Well it will be interesting to see what happens. Thanks to this I say take the AFC in the Super Bowl and the points. But I will say T.O. is providing some wonderful comedy this summer, but lets get back to what irked me.

I peddling minding my own business when I hear about a new show on ESPN2. ESPN Hollywood, you have got to be shitting me. Do we really need to know about which NFLer is hooking up with Ruth Buzzi, or which what Darko Milicic crib look like or even how Tony Graffanino pimps his Chevy Aveo. Come on people do we need another show about less than nothing. But it gets better. Your host Mario Lopez. Mario please get your agent something nice because I think you were a week away from managing a Shakeys in Pecomia. I thought it could not get any worse, but again like usual I was wrong. As they previewed this next gem of television which will be studied for perpetuity at the Museum of TV and Radio they discussed Jay-Z new sports bar in Atlantic City and a special surprise for the next Survivor. What? The big news is that one of the contestants is former NFL QB Garry Hogeboom. What Babe Laufenberg was busy? By looking at his stats you will ask yourself, was he really in the NFL? Look if you are going to do this do it right. Get some back up QB’s of the 80’s and 90’s and put them on a island. Call it Clipboard Survivor.

You get the following:

Turk Shonert
Rusty Hillger
Take your pick of Billy Joe’s: Tolliver or Holbert
Tim Rosenbach
Kelly Stoufer
Deiter Brock
Cody Carlson
Wade Wilson
Stoney Case
Tony Grazzani
Steve Grogan
Chris Miller – oh wait he just had another concussion reading this blog
Todd Collins
Gary Kubiak

and the Throwing Samoan Jack Thompson

And I could go on and on but we will start with this. Looking at it Thompson would dominate this competition his only rival would be Grogan. That was a tough S.O.B. the only QB I every saw wear a neck roll.

You get me that and I may actually watch.


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