John Bolton


A couple of reasons why I think this is crap.

Never a good idea to appoint someone who is boorish to try to work on settling delicate international matters.

The guy probably has never read the U.N. Charter, let alone spell U.N. even if you spotted him a letter.

The Assclam lied repeatedly about his record and the intelligence that lead us to war, and we are sending him to reform the U.N. (Why do I have Doonseberry in my head, “I smell promotion”)

My god that man is our face at the U.N. and that face that could stop a watch. Holy crap, the last mug I saw like that had a hook in it. Worst facial hair ever!

Now we get back to our booing in progress.



One Response to John Bolton

  1. dantobindantobin says:

    At least he was confirmed fair and square.

    Wait a minute…

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