Falling down the mountain.

End up getting hurt. Well I think that’s how INXS put it. No and I am not watching them find a replacement. There was only one Michael Hutchins end of story. As you good readers know that today was my returned to forced…er employment. The day started so well, got up, got to the gym and worked out. After that I coifed my bouffant and made sure the Garanimals matched and made my way to my assignment left with plenty of time, so I thought. I looked at the address they provided and felt confident that I would impress them with my punctuality. I was going to arrive at 7:50 AM. But can you guess when I got to my assignment. . . wait for it 8:57 AM. Yes it took me an hour to find this place because I am idiot. Nothing like panicking for an hour. Gets the heart going. I felt so dumb I called the agency and they gave me even more confusing directions. I felt so dumb that I topped the guy from Ruthless People. But Boski why didn’t you look at a Thomas guide? Well I forgot to put in the car. Also in my defense there are two streets with the same name in Newport Beach that border Irvine. Holy crap how did I get this far in life being this dumb I thought? I also asked myself did I pack my drool bib? Well thanks to the Better Half she talked me down from the Bell Tower and got me to my destination. My employers were not angry and they actually understood. So they let me hog all the shame today.


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