Time to report to camp.

Well after yesterday’s little “pity party” as my high school football coach would say. Things have improved. Nothing like some Madden football, Sirius radio and a couple of job opportunities to lift the spirits. I felt like a NFL Free Agent today. It looks like my agent (i.e. temp agency) called me and let me know two “teams”, need to fill some holes due to injury. They think I could contribute on special teams and I have some experience with the scheme they run. So I took the offer with the most money, but not too much above league minimum. They say the deal is back loaded, right. So now I wait, my resume has to pass the teams physical. If things go right I will be reporting Monday.

So it looks like summer vacation may be coming to an end. As much as I love being at home I do need to work so I can get a car. As of right now it looks like the Honda Civic narrowly beat out the Delorian. Also I need to raise some cash for this man.


3 Responses to Time to report to camp.

  1. Eric says:

    Yeah, Coach Sweet doesn’t tolerate that kinda crap

  2. Boski93 says:

    Actually that was not Sweet. Carl never did that crap. Hell I loved playing for Sweet the one year I did. It was his replacement a man who lead us to a historic 0-10 season. Oh the stories I could tell.

  3. Eric says:

    My favorite Coach Sweet moment was when he asked me to tryout for the team (they needed a bulky o-line guy) and I asked if I would have to run and do two-a-days like everyone else. He didn’t say anything, but he looked at me oddly and then walked away. It was then I realized I was the world’s biggest pussy

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