That is it.

I think something is telling me that I should just come to grips and realize that the role I have in life is professional vagrant. Again today rejection stuck. A company that I had interviewed with three times and spent nearly 5 1/2 hours with interviewing, let me know that I was not what they were looking for. I just wished they would have been polite enough to labeled the subject line of their e-mail “a swift kick to the groin”. Then I would not harbor any false hopes. Oh well that is just the way it goes. If I have to temp from now till the end of time (which is becoming more and more a possibility) then that what it is. I just need to work. I need to at least do something that will be of service to someone. I am getting to the point where I am not some fresh faced kid out of college. In my ten years in the “real world” I have not built an impressive resume. Sure, I have a wide range of experience in my work career, but if I was so talented why would companies keep letting me go? Even with budget issues they find ways to keep talent, right? I think I have become a work force “tweener”. I have enough to make you interested, but not enough to make you feel comfortable to offer the position. It is frustrating, but you it is not the end of the world and I just need to find work and try to find where I fit it. I will never be a head of major company, but I can be a good cog, play my part till my usefulness is done.

Okay I feel a little better I just wanted to get that out. Thanks to anyone who had to sit through this. You see I just need to public flog myself from time to time here on the olde blog. I not a masochist or anything, well I did watch Quills.


One Response to That is it.

  1. eric says:

    Move to ‘Cuse and I’ll hook you up. No joke – I can make it happen

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