The New American Sportsman presents: Job Hunt

It sucks. It so sucks ass. I hate it, and I am awful at it. As you can see, I am still without a real job. A job that is not temporary or requires fries with it. I should learn my lesson and not go to any more of these temp agencies. It is always the same. Oh Boski, come in and meet us so we can talk. What that means is filling out an application and a crap load of paperwork, take testing that you have done millions of time and watch bad 80’s safety videos. Usually this take and hour and half to two. When most of the goddamn info is on my resume. You know that things you are going to send to prospective employers. Oh sure you need something for your records, but you take those forms and pare them down so you have the info you need. Also it would save time for both of us. Look I have an episode of Mama’s Family I am missing. So what do you get for your wait, other than really bad soft jazz radio? Five to ten minutes of reviewing everything you just wrote down and that was on your resume, then asking the same obligatory questions. All of this to find out that “great opportunity” they brought you in for rarely materializes. You end up giving these people all this info, just so you can get a call: to handwrite addresses on envelopes, fold letters, or sit next to Jessco the Inbred for eight hours of soul crushing tedium.

But I still do that and the posting on all the job sites. I have found a couple of good assignments along the way but obviously not the right one. The problem is at young age of 33, I still have no clue what I am good at or what I want to do. I just know I just want to get in somewhere where I do not hate what I do, or the people I work with. Is that so wrong?

Well there is a little bit of hope. I have a second interview Monday with a company I spent nearly two hours interviewing with Monday. The strange part is this interview is for another position at the same place. They didn’t hate me enough to thanks, but no thanks. So Monday I am going in there and try to generate the magic that is Boski. So I will be making shit up, just kidding. I can be engaging and sound like I know what I am talking about from time to time.

So I just have to follow some very wise advice I have heard over the years.

“Go real fast, then if something gets in my way turn.” Look if it is good enough for skiing the K-12 then hell it is good enough for me.

So if you want to know about more fun at the Temp Agencies then send a self addressed envelope and $98.77 to:

The Men Without Hats Home for Wayward 80’s One Hit Wonders
Attn: Murray Head
P.O. 8765309
Railto, CA 9 something, something, something and a prime number


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