The blog is in the mail.

Hello good people of Bloggsylvania. I have returned from my long trip from. . . Nowhere. I have been busy but not too busy. The past week or so I have been trying to juggle the following:

Getting a check from my insurance

Research new cars

Drink heavily to drown the shame of driving a clown car

Looking for a job

Going to interviews

Getting my free-range opossum farm off the ground (I swear its going to hit big)

Going to temp/employment agencies

Working on getting people for our Kauai trip.

Crank calling Jamie Farr, for old time sakes

Trying to read every Pro and College football preview magazine I can get my hands on. I am trying to get my self on a preseason football bender that would make Madden take pause.

and finally

Rooting for the pluckiest team in baseball. Thank god the AL won the All-Star Game. Now if miracles happen and we get to the promise land we get home field. Look everyone you want the White Sox to win the Series. It is not only good for me, but you and most importantly baby Panda’s. If the Sox do not win they are all going to go nuts and I will not be responsible. So root for the Sox wont you.


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