Boski’s Summer TV Update.

Here is the cherubic face that has won the hearts of Team Boski this summer.

Here is what the critics are saying:

“Andy Milonakis Show whips a horse ass with a belt.” Wesley Willis Weekly World News.

“Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha” The Better Half

“If you loved “Circus of The Stars” then check out Bravo. Here you get a kid with a pancake on his face.” Cat Fancy

“Blasting you away with semi-automatic wit and witisims” New woman’s Guns and Gardens

I can taste the colors” Boski superfluous Monthly

TB has loved young Andy since we first say him on Kimmel singing his classic “The Super Bowl is Gay”. I know some and maybe most of you will say that this is the dumbest show ever. Well as long as you put six d list celebs in a house and tape it, then this is Masterfuckingpiece Theater.

Team Boski has also been watching the following:

Hell’s Kitchen – I know this goes against my reality show tirades, but I can watch Gordon. Sure some of the stuff on this is retarded and cheesy, but he still makes the show watch able. I will actually recommend his shows on BBC America, especially his Kitchen Nightmare Show. What we like about it is he will not bullshit with the cooks and the owners. He is hard on them but fair and actually tries to get them on a track that will give them a chance to succeed. Just watch it.

The Tick the animated series – I do not know who made the call to bring it back but I say thank you. The Better Half turned me on to the Tick back in 94. She had seen the comic book while back at school so she was a fan. I forgot how great this show was. You watch this and you be even more upset that Fox soiled itself with a live action version. They should have stuck with the animated version.

Entourage – as I have said before this show is great.

Family Guy – I do not know how he does it but this show has gotten better.

Robot Chicken – Damn you Seth Green I have to wait till 06 for more of this delicious and addictive chicken.

Harvey Birdman – I know there seems to be an abundance of cartoons on this list. Some would think that is just childish and that I am drawn to this medium because it soothes my semi-conductor speed attention span. Well to those critics, I say you are wrong. The art of animation allow the creators to explore the complex milieu of today’s society. . . oh look sting, he he he he. . . string.

So with that being said I will close this entry with the theme from the Andy Milonakis Show:

Sing it if you know it.

-I rock pea’s on ma head, but don’t call me a pea head
-bees on ma head, but don’t call me a bee head
-bruce lee’s on ma head, but don’t call me a lee head
-now please excuse me,i gots to get ma tree fed.
-you rock the brands and i make ma own clothing.
-i hang out with an apple who love self loathing “I hate myself”
-pancake on ma face, makes me extra happy
-i like shampoo bottles that sit on ma lappy
-caus its ma show u can’t tell me what to do.
-when life hands me lemons,i make beef stew.
-I know to go but its time for me to rock it
-I put Bologna in ma left pocket
-smear some creamy cheese in my gold locket.
-its ma show IM Andy milonakis
-its ma show IM shmandi’s shmiloshmakis
-its ma show IM Andy milonakis

Thank you and good night.


3 Responses to Boski’s Summer TV Update.

  1. Eric says:

    Truly a terrible show. I wish they were handing out shows to weird, unfunny fat kids when I was growing up. I’d be a fucking superstar.

    I’ll forgive you this only because you found a way to work in “MasterfuckingPiece Theater”. Choice

  2. Boski93 says:

    Come on now, this is the Fast Times at Ridgemont High the TV show funny. Let’s not forget synchronized skateboarding.

  3. dantobindantobin says:

    I’m with Eric — that kid’s got absolutely nothing. I think I’m with you on Family Guy, although I just realized that show has no soul and it made me kind of sad…

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