RIP Boskimobile 1996 – 2005

I am sad to report that the Black Honda Civic that has been the Boskimobile has gone rabid and I going to have to put Ol’ Yeller down. This car has been though a lot in the time it has served as the official staff car of Boski Corp.

What that car and I have shared over those 134,000 plus miles of service:

2 trips to Phoenix
1 trip to Las Vegas
Too many to count to SD and LA
2 accidents that resulted in damage
2 accidents that resulted no damage
8 jobs
1 stolen license plate
Millions of tons worth of sports mags and newspapers strewn in the back and trunk.
2 Bronco Super Bowls
3 Lakers Championships
1 White Sox Division title
Over a 100 sporting events
12 concerts
Countless numbers of soft drinks put in cup holder
17 times spilt soda all over floor of car
2 moves
2 Flats and 1 near blow out
4,000,000 blows to the steering wheel and console, due to anger at road, or lack of CD player operations.
17 CD’s the usual number that resided in my glove compartment and under the seats.
One laundry detergent stain (Not my fault)
I will say about 80,000 hours of AC use.


One wedding

Yesterday I had to go down and collect my belongings from it and it looked so sad, marked up with grease pens, its front end removed and dirty. After going through the car and seeing a lot of stuff I forgot about, I sat in it one last time. Thought about all the time I spent in that car and said thank you. I am not an easy person to be a car for. I was hoping that the car demise would have come from me trying to jump the Snake River Canyon.

So now I have to get a settlement and get a car fast. Since, I do not want to be in my rental clown car anymore. Because after today, I pay. So what do I get?

Right now here are the early front runners:

AMC Pacer


Ford Pinto

Family Truckster (with optional family rally pack)

79 Toyota Corolla Deluxe (the original Boskimobile, which was actually christened the Slashmobile, named after a run in it had with a truck, which was on my sister’s watch, and for Johnny Slash from Square Pegs.)

Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Please enjoy dramatic reading by Jackie Stewart.


3 Responses to RIP Boskimobile 1996 – 2005

  1. Eric says:

    Although I never knew the boskimobile, I’m pretty sure that I will miss it. Geez, you got me all teared up over here

  2. BubbaRayGracie says:

    In these parts, the boskimobile is as highly regarded as the General Lee. RIP.

  3. Boski93 says:

    I am honored to have men of such high esteem speak such kind words.

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