Live 8 vs. Live Aid

Sorry kids, but from what I watched, Live 8 sucked. Please do not get me wrong. I am happy to Bob getting reiled up. This needed to be done, and we need to get an awareness going that things are not fine and dandy. I hope that the “Long Walk to Justice” in Scotland goes well. We do not need Seattle WTO II Electric Boogaloo. But hand it to MTV/VH1 to screw things up. Look to the VJ’s to shut up and go to the acts. Look most of these jackasses can’t count to eight, let alone discuss the G-8. That is just this man’s opinion. Also there were a lot of acts that sucked. Glad you came, but seriously Maria Carey. Look Maria you did not have to sing you could of donated all the money you got for getting dropped by your label. Madonna, thanks, thanks for screwing up Guy Richie. You pay twice. Good Charlote, there is nothing good about you. This still will not get you out for the deal you made to get successful. I could go on, but I won’t.


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