Clothing, what is a Boski to do?

Yesterday was out with Better Half and she had to return something. So I wander around Men’s department. I was obiviously in the cool hip edgy section. It made me think, what can I wear without looking like a complete ass. I do try to expand my wardrobe. Trying to stay hip and fit in with the “kids”. You see if I was left to my own devices, I would still wear nothing but Nike, Addidas, Reebok and team appreal and shorts. All year and for every event. Which is great if you still in college and living at home. Oh sure, I have come a long way (thanks to the Better Half). She does not see me walk out of the house in Winter with a pair of khaki shorts, Nike Tee, a loud obnoxious purple Northwestern Sweatshirt (circa 95 when they played in the Rose Bowl) and a minor leauge baseball cap, thinking that is alright for the ballet. With the help of Garanimals and electro-shock. I know what matches now. I know understand that it is okay to look like a bad extra from the Soprano’s. But as I get older I am determined not to go the way of Golfer/Dad wear. I just can’t do it.

But am I at an age where if I got that Green/Yellow/White Members Only jacket, would it be trying too hard to stay hip? I can hear it now, “hey check that out, or wow what a loser”. Or, “he still thinks it cool to wear, and he is not being ironic”.

Oh well, I will keep fighting the battle, even though I would have taken the Men At Work – Cargo Tour Shirt and wore it with pride if they had the right size.

P.S. Have I stepped into Bizzaro World. Becasue growing up it used to be LeTigre was the cheap cousin of Izod. So why is it that they are selling LeTigre for 45+. WTF! What is next, Tuffskins will make a come back and you will see people droping $80 on some sweet chocolate brown cords!


One Response to Clothing, what is a Boski to do?

  1. Eric says:

    This is gold. A suggestion – leather pants and a fur top scream “Class”

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